Patriotic Greeks vow massive march if 'mega-mosque' is built in Athens

Patriotic Greeks vow massive march if 'mega-mosque' is built in Athens

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After suffering centuries of violent oppression at the hands of the Ottoman Turks, a patriotic Greek organization has threatened to respond with a massive show of force if Muslims attempt to construct a mosque in Athens, as reported by the Macedonian International News Agency.

The nationalistic political party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi/Χρυσή Αυγή) has promised to mobilize 100,000 patriotic Greeks to make a political statement-oriented protest march if the proposed mega-mosque is constructed in the historic Greek capital.

A 2011 report by the Gatestone Institute notes that the Greek Parliament authorized a taxpayer-funded mega-mosque be constructed within the Athens city limits. The cost to Greek taxpayers was estimated at approximately €16 million ($21 million or £30 million). In the two-year interim, the cost has decidedly risen to the working population.

Iranian press video report – Illegal Pakistani Muslims protest their treatment in the Hellenic Republic.

A Golden Dawn Rising…

A spokesman for the party Ilias Kasidiaris told supporters at a rally late on Sunday:

If a mosque is constructed for Islamist criminals in Greece, a front of 100,000 Greeks headed by Golden Dawn will be created.

Golden Dawn has long maintained that Turk, North African, and Middle Eastern Muslims flooding into the Hellenic nation have essentially been a drain on the national economy, taking from the taxpayers much more than they have contributed.

Far from being a fringe group with no popular support, Golden Dawn maintains 18 seats in the Greek Parliament. Appealing to many Greeks, Golden Dawn has as one of its stated political goals to deport all illegal aliens and to ensure illegals stay out of their already cash strapped nation.

In the face of accusations of Neo-Nazi leanings from various liberal groups, Golden Dawn has long insisted they are a patriotic and nationalistic political movement.

The Muslim Accusation…

The promise of a Golden Dawn protest march came after the Muslim Association of Greece claimed it had received a crude note littered with profanities, warning its members to leave the country or face “slaughter like chickens.”

Police said they were examining the note, which happen to have the symbol of Golden Dawn on the backdrop of the note, proper. Golden Dawn denies involvement with sending the threatening note.

Various self-appointed “human rights” groups have long since accused Golden Dawn members of being in conflict, often violent, with those entering Greece illegally.

The Impact of Islam on the Struggling Greek Nation…

As noted in the Gatestone report, as of 2011 Greece has a legal Greek citizenry Muslim population of roughly half a million, mostly of Turkish origin. Yet in recent years, hundreds of thousands of Muslims have migrated to Greece from Central Africa, the Maghreb [North Africa], the Middle East, and Southern Asia.

Many of the estimated 200,000 Muslims living in the Greek capital city of Athens alone are illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Nigeria and Pakistan.

The Islamization of of the Birthplace of Democracy…?

As cited by the Associated Press, it is now estimated that Greece – which is the number one gateway for illegal immigration to Europe – has an illegal immigrant population of at least 1 million. Coupled with the Greek citizens of Turkish-Muslim background, Muslims now number 1,500,000 in a country where the total population is only 10 million.

History of Greeks Slaughtered…

A staunchly Orthodox Christian nation with bitter memories of nearly four centuries of blood-stained Turkish Muslim rule, Greece currently offers sanctioned Muslim religious sites near its northeastern border with Turkey.

During the Hellenic (Greek) Genocide of 1895 and 1955, it is estimated that at least 2,000,000 Greek men, women and children of all ages were killed throughout Greece, Western Turkey and various other locations throughout the Muslim Turk occupied Balkan Peninsula.

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman

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