Polygamy underwritten by Germany

Polygamy underwritten by Germany

Turkish women GermanyHere’s a great example of tolerance and diversity. According to a new documentary, some 35% of Muslims living in Germany have more than one wife – and typically the German state supports them.

The second or third wife simply tells the German authorities that she is a single mother – and that’s all it takes. Officials may suspect they’re being snookered, but since Islamic marriages aren’t registered in the German civil system, they have no way to check.

The rights of the women involved are … you guessed it – non-existent. Many are born in a Muslim country, married off at a young age, and prohibited by their husbands from even learning German, so their choices are very limited.

Widespread polygamy may boost the Muslim birthrate in Germany, affecting over the long run the percentage of the population that is Muslim. That’s speculative, and may or may not prove to be the case. What isn’t speculative is the damage done today to the rule of law in Germany. And, of course, in the United States as well. NPR reported back in 2007 that an estimated 50,000-100,000 people, many Muslims or Africans, lived in polygamous marriages. By now that number is probably much higher.

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