Liberal talking head: If we ‘tell men not to rape,’ women won’t need guns

Liberal talking head: If we ‘tell men not to rape,’ women won’t need guns

Zerlina MaxwellThe problem with people on the right is that they never ask “What if?” What if, for example, instead of encouraging women to carry those icky, dangerous handguns as a form of self-defense, we addressed the root cause of women’s need to protect themselves? What if, in other words, we eliminated, or at least reduced, the incidence of rape?

But how? you ask. Simple, according to Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell. A guest last night on FOX News’ Hannity, Maxwell said the solution to ending the vicious circle of violence is to “tell men not to rape women.” It’s such an elegant fix, and not to just one but to two acts of violence, that you have to wonder why not one came up with it sooner.

Allahpundit, riffing on Katie Pavlich, offers to “go one better”:

Let’s teach people not to commit crimes of any sort. Then, not only can we dispense with guns, we can dispense with police. And then we can take those billions we’re saving on [law enforcement] and use them for programs overseas to teach them how not to commit crimes too.

AP goes on to credit Maxwell with not intending “anti-rape education as a complete alternative to arming women” [emphasis added], but that seems awfully charitable. Even as a partial alternative, it’s a fairly lame-brained proposal. Maxwell is advocating, in essence, that we train members of the species not to commit crimes. There’s a reason that the vast majority of us don’t. It is a moral compass that is part of our standard operating equipment.

People who rape are going to rape regardless of whether they learned in school that it’s wrong. Besides, which teachers does Maxwell think are best suited to teach rational lessons on civilized behavior? The one who suspended a 7-year-old for chewing a toaster pastry into the shape of a gun or the one who suspended a teenager for having a photo of a gun on his laptop?

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Howard Portnoy

Howard Portnoy

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