Inaugural malice toward all who disagree, charity for no Keystone pipelines

Inaugural malice toward all who disagree, charity for no Keystone pipelines

pipeline_line_map-630x420Environmental studies pave the way for the second Obama Inaugural (despite expected impact of Port-a-Potty leakage on Potomac River waters) as Keystone XL Pipeline’s and more than 15 million other underemployed study food stamp and welfare applications.

If only we studied the affect of EPA regulations on human employment, the biographies of Democratic presidential nominees, and what happened in Benghazi as thoroughly as we do the laying of the 2,500,001st mile of pipeline in America (previous 2.5 million miles laid shown in picture above).

Had Obama and today’s Democrats studied the environmental impact of the launching of American bombers across the Pacific Ocean after the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, Doolittle’s first thirty seconds over Tokyo would have been as a pilot impressed into service by the Emperor of Japan for V-USA Day celebrations.

Ready to revel in the majesty of Barack Hussein Obama swearing to preserve, protect, and defend that flawed document of negative liberties that constrains him from unilaterally ending welfare work requirements or granting amnesty to young illegals? On a stack of Bibles no less! But no worries, there won’t be any letter-of-the-Scriptural-law Southern Baptist clergy around from California’s Saddleback this time (or any other church west of Stone Mountain of Georgia for that matter), that entertains the quaint notion of marriage as exclusively reserved for partnerships of one man and one woman.

In fact, the Episcopal Church, that makes bishops of men married to one woman with children if only they will leave those antiquated relationships for their gay concubines, is sending one of their priests to pray over Barack and Michelle before the public swearing in at noon tomorrow. Such barbaric ideas were dumped on the ash heap of history soon after the vanquisher of McCains and Romneys evolved when the last vote for homophobia in the Tar Heel Sate was cast way back in May of  A.D. 2012, or,  given the secularization now fashionable in the Capitol City, May 9, 2012 Common Era. Although what remains held in “common” between those that govern him in D.C. and the governed in the Age of Obama, we can’t guess, unless its…

The Hunger (see also unemployed, homeless, etc) Games:

Years before President Obama stopped hating on gays and lesbians desirous of marital bliss blessed by the state, he promised to expedite environmental studies (already underway before his 2009 Inaugural) of the proposed Keystone XL, Canadian oil-to-U.S. refineries, pipeline. Word came soon after New Year’s Day 2013 that the state of Nebraska had completed their study. Meanwhile, the EPA is too busy with email scandals to clear the way for anyone’s jobs, unless their’s are threatened by debt ceiling “defaults”.

But don’t get too excited about the Cornhusker shucking of their aquifer tests. Remember how in South Carolina, the NLRB finally coerced Boeing into speaking no evil of labor unions in Washington State, and allowed the manufacturing of  planes at the their “new” North Charleston plant (after years of environmental studies there). Four years on, wages have been earned for one year, but all is well now, right? Much as all was made well eight years after the last Democrat inherited “a mess” in 1933 and took 2 or 3 Inaugurations or the mobilization for a world war to fix it. Though you can’t get those wage-less years back, I hear, but I digress.

President Clinton promised at his Second Inaugural to build a bridge to the 21st Century, but for it to get built before the 22nd, we will need for Democrats’ collective malice towards the South, non-coastal West and other places where the impact of policies on homo sapiens moving force through a distance (i.e. working) trumps potential harm to dirt and rare rats.

President Lincoln reached out to the vanquished and the newly freed slaves in his second Inaugural Address, with the charity of American Liberty for happiness pursuits of one’s own choosing. The latest from Illinois to place his hand on the Bible before residing at the White House for a second four-year term seems more intent on maliciously vanquishing more with taxed, borrowed and Fed printed “charity” of the government’s own choosing.

“One man with courage makes a majority.” – Andrew Jackson

Mike DeVine

Mike DeVine

Mike DeVine is a former op-ed columnist at the Charlotte Observer and legal editor of The (Decatur) Champion (legal organ of DeKalb County, Georgia). He is currently with the Ruf Law Firm in Atlanta Metro and conservative voice of the Atlanta Times News.


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