Anti-gun crowd can't even get the basics right

Anti-gun crowd can't even get the basics right

zzzIMG_2836The redoubtable Washington Post reports that Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza never used a rifle of any type during his assault on the school’s staff and students. Buried towards the end of the rather lengthy article, the authors note:

[The shooter] had two semiautomatic pistols and a .223-caliber rifle, law enforcement officials said. He apparently used only the handguns, which were later found in the school. The rifle was found in the vehicle.

I can almost hear the anti-gun nuts Al Rokering in their skivvie drawers by just looking at the picture of the weapon posted.

Downright scary, isn’t it?

Huh… what? You say that isn’t an assault rifle?

But it simply must be.

It just looks so darn mean and scary.

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That’s all the criteria liberals require to tag any given noisemaker an assault rifle.

By the way, the rifle displayed is a .22 caliber pop-gun. This ominous-looking instrument of death is actually a party favor, good for two things:

  1. Killing rats.
  2. Giving a much needed psychological boost to guys not exactly that well endowed.

And not necessarily in that order.

For those that aren’t exactly sure what a .22 is, the projectile proper is one third the size of the fingernail on my little finger.

And Another Thing…

Stop calling semi-automatic rifles “assault” rifles. They aren’t. A true assault rifle is one that can fire on full automatic, such as an M-60 machine gun.

The only legitimate exception would be a weapon designed to fire both semi and full automatic (or burst) such as an M-16, the venerable FN FAL, or that inaccurate piece of Russian junk, the Kalashnikov.

Folks, just because a pop-gun looks like an M-16, FN FAL, or Kalashnikov… well, that just don’t make it so.

There’s a lot of AK-22s for sale on the open market.

Rats, beware.

Monster truck owners, rejoice.

So c’mon, liberals… get it right.

NOTE: It is possible for John Q. Citizen to legally own a legitimate assault rifle, but only if one has a penchant for filling out reams of federal forms and a truckload of disposable cash for federal fees and licenses.

And Another Another Thing…

Sorry Geraldo. There’s no such animal as a “30 round clip.” Methinks Mr. Rivera means a 30 round magazine. The US Armed Forces hasn’t had a standard issue rifle that was clip-fed since the M1 Garand of 50+ years ago.

And to the statists who condescendingly ask me why do I “need a 30 round magazine”? The answer’s very simple: in case the first 29 rounds didn’t kill the bad guy.

Not that I’d miss after cranking off the first round, but nothing makes a lasting impression like a heavy volume of fire.

And Another Another Another Thing…

Stop telling me that the Founding Fathers never envisioned something like an AR-15 Bushmaster. More than a few of the Founders were innovators of both science and technology.

Examples include Ben Franklin’s bifocals; Thomas Jefferson developing one of the first secure methods of mechanical encryption, the Cipher Wheel; and George Washington’s Threshing Barn just to name a few.

Does anyone honestly believe the Founders actually believed the evolution of weaponry ended with the Kentucky Long Rifle or the Brown Bess musket?

In Closing…

To my dear liberal gun-hating Nanny State-worshipping friends, if you expect to be taken seriously, at least try to understand the basics of what you’re talking about when it comes to firearms.

And also keep in mind, the last time a government opened fire on a citizenry that still had the right to keep and bear arms was in 1770. A slight misunderstanding better known as The Boston Massacre.

We all know how that eventually turned out eleven years later at Yorktown, Virginia.

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman

T. Kevin Whiteman is a retired Master Sergeant of Marines. He has written for Examiner, Conservative Firing Line, and other blogs.


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