Assuming Assad asks asylum…

Assuming Assad asks asylum…

…will he go to Cuba, Venezuela, or Ecuador?

The embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is considering the possibility to claim political asylum for himself, his family and his close circle in Latin America if he has to cede power, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister held meetings in Cuba, Venezuela and Ecuador over the past week, and brought with him classified personal letters from Assad to local leaders,” the Israeli newspaper, Haaretz, reported.

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Hmmm…Let’s think that one through:

Cuba would love to add a dentist to its roster of practitioners of “excellent free health care”. [CORRECTION: Merv advises me that Assad’s an eye doctor. But what about those Marathon Man jokes, then?]

Venezuela could resume its direct flights to Damascus, so Assad has a non-stop to Caracas.

And Rafael Correa would certainly try to get a Vogue interview as follow-up to Asma’s Rose of the Desert feature. Now that Anna Wintour may become ambassador, the mag may go for it.

So many possibilities…

Indeed, the olden days when the world’s evil men could count on South American dictatorships offering hiding places may be back again.

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