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#JackedUp: Gun control hysteria based on a lie *Update*


Open Carry Texas was demonstrating at a Jack in the Box restaurant parking lot in Texas. The group was spotted by a citizen who called 911, prompting the police to send ten police cars and over a dozen officers to the fast food joint.

Ken Kalthoff of the local NBC affiliate reported on the story, saying that Sgt. Ray Bush with the Fort Worth Police Department was concerned about the Jack in the Box employees, who “locked themselves inside a freezer for protection out of fear the rifle-carrying men would rob them.”

The story was picked up by the New York Times and many other national outlets, as reported at Tavern Keepers.

The gun control group “Moms Demand Action” started a social media campaign under the hashtag, #JackedUp, and the usual suspects were out in droves condemning Jack in the Box leadership for being so irresponsible.

A sample of the hysteria is evidenced in these tweets:

It turns out, however, that the “freezer” narrative was false. The employees were actually very receptive to the open carry demonstrators and in fact, posed for pictures with them the day after the event, according to CJ Grisham. It is unclear why Sgt. Bush would make such as statement.

The 911 call that prompted World War III can be heard here:

At the time of this writing, requests for a statement have not yet been answered. This article will be updated if the author hears back from the Fort Worth Police Department.

UPDATE: In an email, Sgt. Ray Bush said,

“I can tell you we have verified our earlier statement. Our officers spoke with jack in the box employees the day of the incident. Other than that we have no new information.”

The author asked for a 911 call (from the employees who hid in the freezer) and/or employee name(s) to be produced. Any updates will be added to this article.

In the meantime, Open Carry Texas also released a statement, which included a quote from Jack In The Box Director of Asset Protection Gene James:

“What I can raise my hand on and swear to an oath is that what I was told by my employees is that they did not seek refuge in the freezer. On its face, the freezer thing make no sense.”

UPDATE II:  In a follow-up email, Sgt. Ray Bush said,

“[W]e really don’t have any new information to give out right now.”

It should be noted that Open Carry Texas released photos on their Facebook page. The employees are seen posing with the demonstrators and otherwise going about their business:


UPDATE III: It should be noted that the photos from the Jack in the Box were taken after the demonstration. The article has been updated to reflect that change.

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  • Christine-Upinak Shartzer

    Mom’s demand are harassing just about anything/one who is a gun enthusiast or a gun manufacturer. Salty Dad and a few others I can’t think of on FB, it’s a daily occurrence. Pretty pathetic actually.

  • Geoffrey_Britain

    “It is unclear why Sgt. Bush would make such as statement.”

    It’s not unclear at all, either Sgt. Bush is incompetent and failed to fully investigate or far more likely, he is an advocate of gun control and opposed to the second amendment. He’s a leftist.

    “Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace… Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.” James Madison, father of the American Constitution

    • NaCly Dog

      In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

      George Orwell

      P.S. That time is now.

  • teejk

    Well let’s see…minimum wage jobs…bad complexion from standing over the fryer all day…I’m guessing any excuse to get out of work will be jumped on. Btw, what was the temp in Texas that day? Hiding out in the freezer on a hot day and not being docked is “win-win”:

  • The Mighty Fahvaag

    Ok… another over the top bureaucratic reaction to a marginally brainless stunt.

    A. If I am carrying open, it’s certainly not an semi-auto M4 look alike with a tactical rig… It’s going to be my much more comfortable and practical ParaOrdinance LDA CCW in decent protected holster. There are quite a few out there for 1911 Officer’s models that I could choose from.

    B. If I am carrying open, it’s still going to be a practical situation where the routine for such carry is normal (like out hiking, camping, going to or at the range, etc.) I am not big into “demonstration” events.

    C. If I want to frequent businesses and other places of common gathering, I am not going to carry open, regardless of the statement. If I had a CCW (still considering getting one just because..) I’d be carrying something discreetly and without tipping off both the nervous anti-gun nuts who dial 911 and wet themselves… or the bad guys who might have half a mind to have half a head. (I don’t miss inside of 25yrds with any pistol, in one shot… ever… and I do not need to aim center of mass to get those hits if you catch my meaning…) So.. keeping my defense condition to myself, keeps the peace and me safer.

    Wrong way to advocate open carry doods… The cops over-reacted, and without a true picture of what was going on, I would expect them to do so… it’s that sort of enforcement culture now.

    Choose something smarter next time, and make sure that the situation is under better control.



    • Xavier

      The group is called “Open Carry Texas” and they were demonstrating. Carrying guns that can’t be seen defeats the purpose.

      • The Mighty Fahvaag

        No… carrying like you’re a wild boar hunt in downtown is not a “brainful” demonstration. It plays right into the hands of those who paint us as extremist “gun-nuts”… and I guarantee you that every police force in the nation will have pretty much the exact same reaction.

        The more effective demonstrations that doesn’t get you arrested is the open empty holster. It shows the sort of restraint of which gun owners are most often possessed of.

        It’s what pistols and revolvers are for. Carrying a rifle around just looks over the top, and reduces the protestors to a liberal cartoon, to be ridiculed by the MSM.

        This is a situation where common sense needs to prevail, and walking around with an semi auto M4 tactical rig strapped to your chest is not sensible.

        Peace, Love, and Bobby Sherman


      • Xavier

        Cliven Bundy & supporters say otherwise.

    • Gal Spunes

      Gotta side with TMF on this one.

      Although I do open carry my handgun on occasion (usually when it’s hotter weather) I think this was an inadvisable event.

      While I agree they have the right to carry those rifles, that does not absolve them from the consequences of choosing to exercise that right in the manner that they did.

      Of course, as usual, the anti-gun mommas are intellectually flatlined…but the sight of well-armed militia gathering without clearly signalling their lawful & peaceful intent (speeches, banners, t-shirts, badges etc), is absolutely going to draw the attention of LEOs…and with good reason.

      They could have done this very same stunt the smart way…but they chose the dumb way. Not good ambassadors for the cause. FAIL.