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Man viciously attacks girlfriend after dreaming she cheated on him, threatens to kill her

There once was a man from Peru
Who dreamed he was eating a shoe.
He woke up in the night
With a terrible fright
And found it was perfectly true.

Carlos Gascon

There once was a man from South Florida
Who dreamed that his girlfriend was two-timing him,
So he went all Medieval on her and now faces serious jail time.

His name is Carlos Gascon, he is 27, and he is under arrest, having been charged with aggravated assault and battery, false imprisonment, and animal cruelty. Mail Online has the bizarre details:

A Florida Keys man is behind bars after he allegedly spent Friday beating his girlfriend and dog — all because he had a dream that she had cheated on him.

The girlfriend … told cops that he woke up already mad at the victim and brutally assaulted her throughout the day at her home on Summerland Key.

He allegedly beat and cut her — and even threatened to kill the woman.


Throughout the course of the day, the victim said, he cut the back of her leg with a knife, poured hot coffee on her and choked her.

He then picked her up and slammed the victim down on a glass table, which shattered on impact.

Gascon also picked up his dog and slammed it into the ground before choking it with his foot.

The woman was finally able to call for help about 6:45 pm, once he passed out in the house.

Gascon is being held on $265,000 bail at the Monroe County Jail.

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