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Pa. AG shuts down corruption sting when too many fellow Dems caught redhanded

Attorneys General Tom Corbett and Kathleen G. Kane

It started as a plea arrangement between a lobbyist arrested for fraud and the Republican attorney general of the state of Pennsylvania. And it ended not with a bang but a whimper by the new Democratic attorney general, who shut down the investigation without filing a single charge. quotes Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane, who took office in 2013, as telling the Inquirer that the investigation was “poorly conceived, badly managed, and tainted by racism, saying it had targeted African Americans.”

The undercover sting, begun three years ago by Kane’s predecessor, Republican Tom Corbett, captured leading Philadelphia Democrats, including four local members of the state’s House delegation, on tape accepting money. The lobbyist who agreed to wear a wire and tape officials reacting to offers of cash and/or gifts is Tyron B. Ali, 40, who was arrested in a $430,000 fraud case.

“Sources with knowledge of the sting said the investigation made financial pitches to both Republicans and Democrats, but only Democrats accepted the payments,” said the Inquirer.

Four state lawmakers took money, the sources said. State Rep. Ronald G. Waters accepted multiple payments totaling $7,650; State Rep. Vanessa Brown took $4,000; State Rep. Michelle Brownlee received $3,500; and State Rep. Louise Bishop took $1,500, said people with knowledge of the investigation.

In the Brown exchange, Ali paid a visit to the representative in her office and “handed her an envelope with $2,000, according to people who have reviewed a transcript of a tape Ali made on that day.”

As Brown accepted the money, they said, she put it in her purse and said: “Yo, good looking and Ooowee…. Thank you twice.”

After he gave Brown the money, Ali urged her to vote against a bill that would require voters to show identification at the polls, the sources said.

The Inquirer described how the investigation had gathered 400 hours of audio and video recordings of Ali meeting with public officials. But soon after Kane’s inauguration in 2013 as the first female and Democrat Attorney General in the state’s history, she began shutting the investigation down.

She told the Inquirer the allegations are a political, sexist, and racist attack from her Republican enemies: “Nothing more than the Good Ol’ Boys club playing political games to discredit me in order to fulfill their own selfish and improper agenda.”

The story is rocketing through Philadelphia business and political circles. Some say the results of the investigation are just “business as usual.” Others criticize the past three Attorneys General for working with Ali, who has also been charged with violations of election law.

Said one friend of Kane to the Inquirer: “Is this a John Grisham novel?”

Howard Portnoy contributed to this report.

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  • The Mighty Fahvaag

    One wonders how long civilization will last when corruption is completely open, expected as normal business, and no one is ever held to account.

    The farce becomes tragedy.

    The Democrat Party continues to be indistinguishable from an Organized Crime Syndicate.


    • SB

      It’s been working more or less okay in Italy for decades, if not longer

      • The Mighty Fahvaag

        See? ’nuff said.


      • SmokeyBehr

        Look at how well it’s been working in Mexico.

    • Xavier

      74 years. See: Soviet Union, Lifespan of.

      Course it’s questionable if that was ‘civilization’.

    • bobdog19006

      Let’s see…in the last election, didn’t Philadelphia vote 100%, without exception, for Obama?

      I’m surprised there are any Republicans left to interview.

      • livefreeordie

        I believe it was 104%. Guess they got carried away in the cemetery.

  • teejk

    Isn’t Philly where a few districts showed 100% (probably closer to 150% but why quibble) voter turnout for Obama?

  • fliteking

    As Penna Citizen, this is BS !

    I posted the same to face book State Caucus page . . . what do you bet I get no response from the Republicans?

    • KatherineBranwen

      What in the world has this to do with Republicans, it wasn’t them taking bribes…? Oh that’s right, I forgot, the rules don’t apply to Democrats. They can steal as much as they want….accept bribes and extort as many people as possible and it’s all ‘racism’………

      • fliteking


        There, got it now?

        I pay mega-taxes, follow the rules/laws, work dam hard for a living and am a vet that served with Honor – – – meanwhile the Democrats in Penna (and nation wide) are ESSENTIALLY CANCELLING MY VOTE and the Republicans are not moving aggressively on this issue. Said another way, they are afraid someone might call them RACISTS so it is OK to “Just Stay Quiet” while my right to have my vote counted gets trashed.

        You seem to be in a fog, CONSERVATIVES need to wake up! DUH!

      • teejk

        they are afraid someone might call them RACISTS

        That’s changing I think. By calling everybody a racist, they have changed the meaning and it’s no big deal to get the tag anymore.
      • fliteking

        I agree, but try to get a politician to see it the same way.

      • audieho

        It seems to me that while PA had a Republican AG action was being taken but as soon as the tards in PA voted in a Democrat to replace him, suddenly its the Republicans who aren’t doing anything. Pull your freaking head out of your ass. It’s your jackass neighbors who aren’t doing the right thing. They are too busy watching Football and American Idol to worry about the corruption. They’d rather let Rachel Maddow or Steven Colbert tell them what’s important.

      • fliteking

        “Pull your freaking head out of your ass.”

        First- you are projecting again girl.
        Second- this is going on nationally too, and it has been for some time now. Your vote was essentially cancelled in the last election and you are calling me out?

        Oh, wait, you are waiting for the Democrats and Liberals to fix it, right?

        Defending the GOP (a barn full of RINO’s) on this issue is contributing to the problem. We need to hold their feet to the fire.

        Go watch your cartoons.

      • fliteking

        Hey audieho, maybe you and KatherineBranwen can start a John Boehener Tribute page together. Drop him an email , maybe John will let you hold hands with him too.

        In the mean time I find the situation here and nation wide unacceptable, so while you and Kathleen are lighting candle and singing ” You Are My Hero” to the RINO’s I am going to remind them they work for me, I am a citizen and my vote should count.

        Waiting is a fools gain.

      • audieho

        Oh thanks so much, you took the time to think of me.

      • Old_Gringo

        How many of your votes should count? You are a prime example of the need for Voter I.D.

      • fliteking

        You dumb ŜhiŤ, that is EXACTLY what I am saying.

        What the heck is wrong with you dolts? THe PENNA Republicans need to demand the charges move forward and or find another avenue to sanction the democrats HERE and NATIONWIDE, otherwise good conservative votes are being cancelled / negated / flushed.

      • Old_Gringo

        Oh, you are so cute…NOT.
        Just another buffoon.

      • fliteking

        Let me break this down into SUPER SIMPLE TERMS for you, otherwise we are only two old men having a argument, me being right and you being lost.

      • Xavier

        Yer gonna have a hard time trolling here if you think yer talking to GOP fans.

      • fliteking

        Thanks for jumping in and having my back. I was wondering if audieho was a liberal interloper . . . .otherwise the only other answer is she “ain’t to bright” .

      • audieho

        Yes, you are definitely the problem. Dumb ass.

      • fliteking

        No, not me, but f *ksticks like you who choose to worship the GOP, follow their path into becoming “Republican Lite” and tolerating the name calling and claims of racism from the left who are LOST and indeed the problem .

        You should have plenty of time this election cycle to try to call out other good Non-GOP Conservatives . . . nice job on that. Stay focused. Heh Heh.

      • Old_Gringo

        It would appear you are doing all the vile name calling. You who seem to be worshiping the fool, and his acolytes, of which you are one, in the WH while he goes along his merry way doing his best to destroy the Republic we are supposed to be, while turning it into a Socialistic Utopia for fools.

        Isn’t time to go collect your welfare check, food stamps, and get your new obama phone? You are a wussie nudnik.

      • fliteking

        Man do you have that all wrong.

        You and the others are failing to see the real issue. The Republicans are casually standing by while your vote gets cancelled by the Uber Left Liberals. Happens every election champ. Cannot spell it out in more simple terms for you.

        I am a Vet, discharged with Honor, multiple medals and citations, deeply Christian and very very Conservative.

        Take a minute, consider your post above, then disregard this post and move along happy to contribute to the slow suicide of America.

        OR grow a pair of balls, decide the GOP does not have your back, and demand change in favor of Conservatives, Christians and Patriots.

        Hey, here is an idea, buy a rainbow tshirt and join the other side.

      • Old_Gringo

        Are you and Xavier saying it is OK for the new AG to drop the investigations and not pursue the criminals because they are Democrats? If so, you are part of the problem for allowing the corruption to continue. I suppose you would hop on the band wagon if the AG were investigating Republicans, even if they too were black. Another query for you, are only Democrats allowed to express their views on this site without recrimination?

      • fliteking

        Hardly, not sure where you came up with that champ. Are you skimming the posts?

        Look at your feet and notice where on the political spectrum you are standing. Now look waaaaaaaaay to your right, see the guy waving? That’s me.

        So you join these other clowns in protecting the GOP and waiting for the Democrats/Liberals to ‘be fair and fix this problem” . . . meanwhile I am going to put more wood on the fire and get ready to hold the GOP’s / Republican’s feet very close to the flame.

        You simps need to realize the Democrats ain’t going to fix this and the GOP / Republicans should have annexed the problem years ago. They are suppose to work for us, not ignore us on big ticket items.

        Think what you want. Have a good week.

      • fliteking

        “Another query for you, are only Democrats allowed to express their views on this site?:”

        No. It would seem to me this is a Conservative / Patriot site. Call it what you will though.

      • Kristine Kelley Bailey

        Don’t feed the troll Old_Gringo, just one of many reactionaries thinking the hold a monopoly on patriotism.

      • Bryson Johnson

        Well with the democratic vote in the senate its a little harder to get much done, when they all rubber stamp the president.

        Lets give the senate to the Republicans and then will see what they do, and if still nothing get rid of them too, Hows that ???????

      • fliteking

        Hey, somebody gets it!

      • teejk

        You need to put this in the proper context. The “ends justify the means” and therefore “by any means necessary” is ok and let’s them sleep at night. We must continue to pay reparations for crimes committed by people we never knew.

      • KatherineBranwen

        Collective guilt punishes those who haven’t sinned and rewards those who haven’t suffered…

      • Kay Briskey

        …… and Democraps shut down the investigations and chastise Republicans for having them. As usual, the pot calls the kettle black.

      • Harvey Melton

        now you are on the right track. welcome to ”obama world” where everything is opposite.lies are truth, truth is lies, money grows on trees,where the law of gravity is what goes up keeps going up,etc.

    • teejk

      Oh you’ll get a response. It will be a canned response that will have nothing at all to do with your post but somebody will be able to claim that they replied.

    • PatHenry

      Sarah Palin has bigger balls than any of these Rinos.

  • Ed

    America is “F’ed”. Seriously, we can’t even go after corruption because too many of their own party fails the test – what kind of democracy is this?

    • Rapier Half-Witt

      The kind that is getting sold to the highest bidder.

  • TakingBackAmerica

    This is so illustrative of the left. Lying, scheming corrupt vermin.

  • Roger

    ‘Would you live with a stranger if he paid you one million pounds?’ She
    said she would. ‘And if be paid you five pounds?’ The irate lady fumed:
    ‘Five pounds. What do you think I am?’ Beaverbrook replied: ‘We’ve
    already established that. Now we are trying to determine the degree.” –LordBeaverBrook

    • fliteking

      Great post Roger

  • DILKe

    The race card apparently has unlimited funds….

  • TheQuickening

    Liberal filth and the entitlement mentality at their prime.

  • SAMinPA

    “She told the Inquirer the allegations are a political, sexist, and racist attack from her Republican enemies: “Nothing more than the Good Ol’ Boys club playing political games to discredit me in order to fulfill their own selfish and improper agenda.””

    Hate to tell you, Cupcake, but this registered independent, middle aged, white female also thinks you’re full of male bovine excrement, and the only thing political about it is you. Ms. Kane, you are a disgrace to your position and I hope the legislature appoints an independent counsel to investigate the politically motivated actions undertaken by your office since your inauguration.

  • Tom

    EVERYTHING is RACISM with the Democrats,,,,,how about taking F_____G responsibility for stupid actions. If the death penalty was the sentence for stupidity, stealing and chargers of racism…..they all would be DEAD and lets start with Obama, Reid and Pelosi and lets throw in Sharpton & Jackson.

  • Tread7

    Typical ….Damn shame Pa.

  • cristo52

    It’s called political reparations.

  • Medic

    So what does a black have to do these days to be prosecuted? Its not racist that only black politicians took the bribe, it shows BRA at it’s finest: they con their way into power and then reward their borthas and sistas while they line their pockets with taxpayer money! Hell, the evil racist crook in the White House is doing it, along with his whole feral pack. WTF, PA?!

  • wreed22

    I guess cursing and shallow personal attacks are in vogue for this particular story. Could this be Truthdig or Media Matters?

  • JJM123

    Me thinks that she discredits herself by ignoring the bribes.

  • billwhit1357

    This is typical of DemonRats, hiding and covering up all corruption of their sick party of Criminals! God has a Special Place for these lowlife Liars, from both sides of the isle!

  • robert

    we the people,who are the real government.ok we got the talking part well covered,now lets get the walking part well covered.join us in Washington dc,on may 16,2014 for oas{operation American spring]time to sweep the stench of Washington dc.forget any help from mr politican,there all in on it together,with a very few exceptions,if you had a job doing nothing,not be accountable,free insider trading info,stealing the taxpayers monies every yr,never paying for anything,and even if you get caught not much will happen to you,like Charles rangal{tax cheat}weiner{sex scandals}etc.even steven seagal made a speech about getting ovomit out of office,at the sheriff joes rally in phonenix on feb 22,2014.we have sent out emails to every group/person we know around the corner,and around the world.may 16,2014 Washington dc.if you can,t make the rally then join one of the impeach Obama overpass groups/or overpasses for america,there in all states.god bless American veternas/citizens

  • fistdeyuma

    They are just taking Holder’s lead. If the top cop can get away with clearly racist and political actions then why not the state’s top cop? Democrats have taken Obama’s motto to heart, “we will reward or friends and punish our enemies.”

  • harold lloyd

    This is why we need to keep a free press.

    Hopefully, the bribe-taking officials will have opponents in the next election who reminds people of this often.

    Even better if the corrupt ones resigned immediately.

    And what about the possibility of federal action?

  • Harvey Melton

    leave it to the dems to run the biggest scams in history and legalise it yet. what a hoot!!! lmao!!!

  • mony1