The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield and government to gain ground. —THOMAS JEFFERSON, 1788

Muslim barber refuses to cut hair of lesbian: Whose rights trump whose?

Gay flag Islam

Being a believer in all -isms can get hairy at times. Take as an illustration a case reported in the Toronto Sun by Ezra Levant:

So a lesbian walks into a Muslim barbershop, and asks for a “businessmen’s haircut”.

It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it really happened, and now a government agency called the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario will hear her complaint.

Faith McGregor is the lesbian who doesn’t like the girly cuts that they do at a salon. She wants the boy’s hairdo.

Omar Mahrouk is the owner of the Terminal Barber Shop in Toronto. He follows Shariah law, so he thinks women have cooties. As Mahrouk and the other barbers there say, they don’t believe in touching women other than their own wives.

The incident occurred in Canada in November 2012, but it could easily happen here and now. Let’s take a state at random — say Arizona — and graft on the same scenario. Gay rights activists usually tend to be protectors of adherents to America’s lone “diverse” religion, Islam, so where do their sympathies lie?

This question is a real head scratcher in Canada, which passed a Multiculturalism Act in 1988, paving the way for an influx of immigrants with medieval attitudes toward second-class citizens (read: women and gays). Faith McGregor belongs to both groups.

How to resolve this this “human rights” impasse? Levant envisions a hierarchy similar to the one found in the game of poker, except in this case based on some ad hoc notion of degrees of political correctness. He quips:

A white, Christian male has the lowest hand — it’s like he’s got just one high card, maybe an ace. So almost everyone trumps him.

A white woman is just a bit higher — like a pair of twos. Enough to beat a white man, but not much more.

A gay man is like having two pairs in poker.

A gay woman — a lesbian like McGregor — is like having three of a kind.

A black lesbian is a full house — pretty tough to beat.

Unless she’s also in a wheelchair, which means she’s pretty much a straight flush.

The only person who could trump that would be a royal flush. If the late Sammy Davis Jr. — who was black, Jewish and half-blind — were to convert to Islam and discover he was 1/64th Aboriginal.

So which is a better hand: A lesbian who wants a haircut or a Muslim who doesn’t want to give it to her?

Joking aside, when government attempts to decide which protected class of citizens is more aggrieved in cases like this, they run into trouble. The only “out” is to look the other way, which is what liberals have been doing here for years. The question of tolerance for one protected group over another arose during the murder trial of George Zimmerman, when the prosecution’s star witness Rachel Jeantel intimated under cross-examination that Trayvon Martin was anti-gay. Do you recall any marches by the Lambda Society or GLAAD denouncing blacks for their Stone Age view of homosexuality? Nah. Instead, liberals buried their heads in the sand, waiting till the news cycle moved on to other headlines. Hypocrisy much?

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  • Steven

    I wonder if said barber does “vagacials” and straight razor shaves.
    “Barbara Boxer and Anthony Weiner to the white courtesy phone. Ms. Boxer and Mr. Weiner to the white courtesy phone. Your limo is waiting.”

    • Winston Blake

      Born gay, as gay as the wind blows
      As gay as the grass grows
      Born gay to follow your heart

      Live gay and beauty surrounds you
      The world still astounds you
      Each time you look at a star

      Stay gay, where no walls divide you
      You’re gay as the roaring tide
      So there’s no need to hide

      Born gay, and life is worth living
      But only worth living
      ‘Cause you’re born gay

      (Stay gay, where no walls divide you)
      You’re gay as the roaring tide
      So there’s no need to hide

      Born gay, and life is worth living
      But only worth living
      ‘Cause you’re born gay

  • wreed22

    “Terminal” may not be the best name for a Muslim business. Perhaps “Stoned are Us”. It would cause great confusion for Colorado Muslims though.
    Cover your women Female Rights Group
    Girls Mutilation Council and Body Wash
    Personal Fatwa (Johnny Cash, right?)
    Peaceful Nuclear Fuel Rods Association. (Coming to a port near you)
    Muslim Brotherhood/Obama Telethon
    Suicide Bomber Tryouts
    Attorney General Eric…….. never mind.

    • GlenJak

      Has anyone discussed this with Sandra Fluck? She lives in Colorado, and Taxpayers are paying for her Birth Control. Perhaps she will call her old friend Pelosi and Pelosi will wrap her arms around Sandra as Pelosi rolls her tongue around her mouth like a Litttle Tootsie Roll as Lies like her friend Harry Reid.

      • J_in_TX

        She lives in CA. She just ran for office in the last election and was defeated. The libs have screwed CO up enough without placing Sandra Fluck there.

  • Jhren

    “Let’s take a state at random — say Arizona”

    That’s not random. Try again.

    “during the murder trial of George Zimmerman, when the prosecution’s star witness Rachel Jeantel intimated under cross-examination that Trayvon Martin was anti-gay. Do you recall any marches by the Lambda Society or GLAAD denouncing blacks for their Stone Age view of homosexuality? Nah.”

    Well, you’ve got a point there. I don’t recall any liberals denouncing an entire race of people because of the opinion of one slain tenager. Well played, Howard. You really drew a line under our lack of bigotry.

    • wreed22

      Jhren there is a lot of energy and much feeling in your comments. With respect, a more linear approach to an argument will catch more ” uncivilized spear-throwing savages” ( I dropped primitive and tribal because they are un-necessary double adjectives) than a widely scattered holistic approach which leads to circular thinking in your presentation. You really should smile when you say Stone Age. Regards.

      • veritasliberabit

        (…what exactly was his point…did you get it??)

      • Doris C

        My question exactly??

      • wreed22

        Well, this is only a guess you understand. My peer reviewed articles on this topic are in short supply.
        I think Jren is giving us an example of what a blog would look like if Ms. Jeantel mastered cursive and became a blogger.
        Of course cursive is not typing, so I can get you close, but not a bullseye.
        It is like driving in Houston. You can see it, but you can’t get there.

      • Sutekh

        Ha, ha, now that is an analogy that the whole country can get behind. The official “second worst highway intersection in the US.” is Highway 59 at Loop 610 near the Galleria.

      • Barrustio

        You obviously haven’t been in outgoing 5 o’clock traffic on 290

      • Sutekh

        No, I have not. Two or three days a week I find myself getting off work 3 miles from the Galleria between 4 and 7 PM. Arrrgh!

      • Barrustio

        Used to take that route all the time when I was working off Weslayan…while it was bad, 290 is still worse especially with all the construction going on to ease the overflow of people moving to the suburbs

      • Sutekh

        They are all moving out of the city to areas where, when they go to the doctor, they won’t be waiting in line behind a woman with 5 children, each with a different last name.

      • bjreg3


      • pandainc

        You have made my day. The only thing that would be better than Canada’s dilema would be if it had happened in San Francisco.

      • fiftysevenchevy

        If it happened in S.F., there would have been one dead barber!

      • Mary

        Give Faith,the lesbian a haircut and take
        The sharia BS law back to your own
        We, women have as much rights in
        North America, Canada & the USA.

      • Debbie G

        Whoa, not so fast Mary. You are now saying that womens’ rights trump lesbianism and religious belief. This is going to get interesting.

      • Mary

        No, my sentiments are definitely in favor of Faith. Whether she is a lesbian or straight she is a woman
        and I must stand by her.

      • Buck Disqus

        Vagina trumps all. How nice.

      • bjreg3

        That was a bad crack….

      • Barbaree

        What about men? Don’t they count?

      • Barrustio

        But everybody knows you can’t ruffle the Muslim’s feathers and get away with it. They won’t close down as easily as the flower shop, wedding chapel and bakery owners we have heard of lately. All the Muslims will gather, take it to court and a judge will rule that a Muslim cannot be forced to touch a woman’s hair….but it’s alright for the Little Sisters of the Poor to be forced to provide abortion.

      • chasaragdy

        First, maybe we should all agree that (Radical) Islamicism is not a religion, an demand that Congress pass legiislation informing the IRS as such!

      • Jami

        Well, that explains the US Supreme Court vote, eh? 😉

      • bill

        please move to Dearborn mich.

      • Mary

        I do not wish to reside in Michigan.
        I am not into Sharia law…that is strickly muslim which I am not.

      • Winston Blake



      • Sutekh

        No, the terms Michigan and Dearborn are not Islamic enough.

        When the revolution is complete, it will be Dead Infidel Dogistan, and Glorious Empty Factoristan

      • William C

        The revolution won’t ever come to completion until, all highway, names, city , town , state , monuments, statues names have been changed back to its original english name.

      • Sutekh

        That would be a counterrevolution. Congress doesn’t want a counterrevolution. That’s why they want all law abiding citizens to turn in their guns. The ones fomenting the actual revolution are all lawless and wouldn’t give theirs up.

      • echambliss1

        You giving your’s up ?Because, Americans will never give their’s up with out a blood bath to all those concerned.

      • Sutekh

        Yes, but they have to that. If certain knowledge is not there, then the threat is not an effective deterrent.

      • William C

        I’m sorry …but that wasn’t a threat. The knowledge of the enemy is clear.

      • Barbaree


      • Buck Disqus

        Cut your own freaking hair like a man, or go get another lesbian to cut it for you.

        I personally would like to have islam BANNED in the West, but I’ll be damned if I go along with “all businesses have to take all customers”.

        Here’s a hot tip: TV stations are NOT required to air all submitted commercials. PR firms, election campaign consultants, and lawyers don’t have to take every client.

        And if you ran your homosexual-loving printing business and I came in and demanded you print my signs protesting gay marriage, YOU have the right to not print them for me.

        Stop telling up to accept your BS.

      • SissyO

        and “news” channels don’t have to report all “news”. I’d say I agree with you.

      • Jami

        All businesses do NOT have to take all customers; just SOME businesses have to take all customers. Christian bakeries MUST accept wedding cake orders from gays, but gay hair dressers do NOT have to cut the hair of a governor who’s pro traditional marriage. When they say ALL businesses, they only mean the ones who disagree with them. 😉

      • William C

        I agree!

      • Kentucky red

        Well said Buck Disqus! I ain’t no fan of Islam and I despise Sharia law. To me the homo/lesbian lobby is wanting to pretty much pass their own version of Sharia law. If I owned a barber shop it should be my choice as to whether or not I cut someones hair. My Dad was an old fashioned Preacher who didn’t believe in a woman cutting hair or a man having long hair. Guess that should have got him arrested? Guess what my Mom believed the same way. Should that get them arrested? My Sister’s weren’t allowed to have men stay the night at Dads house if they weren’t married to the man. Should that get them arrested? I think your both smart enough and honest enough to see the truth on this issue.

      • Kitwench

        Are you saying that a privately owned business doesn’t have the right to choose clientele?
        Your right to extend your fist ends at my nose.
        While Faith has the right to get her hair cut, she has no right to insist that *someone else* must have his rights violated in order that she gets her hair cut by a specific person or business.
        It’s a barbershop, not a government agency.

      • Rodhea

        No way… S.Fran’s are so enlightened and tolerant, they would admonish HER for filing a complaint. 😉


        I think he was being facetious.

      • rs1123

        You can’t kill a barber by hitting him with ‘european man bag’.

      • Sutekh

        Now that marijuana is legal all over the place, I think the term “Stone Age” is going to be revamped and take on a new meaning.

      • Maria Fine

        Isn’t it funny how liberals aren’t commenting on the article though, as if they are at loss for words. If they did they would have to ramble and ramble some random nonsense that– WAIT A SECOND, ARE YOU A LIBERAL WREED?

    • Xavier

      Someone got murdered?! Who?

    • Chantiel Fristoe

      He associated muslims with the stone age, just saying.

  • Geoffrey Britain

    “liberals buried their heads in the sand, waiting till the news cycle moved on to other headlines. Hypocrisy much?” It’s not a matter of hypocrisy but of survival. Christians and conservatives are safe to get in the faces of, Muslims not so much. But of course when moral cowardice trumps principle, the principles advocated are matters of convenience.

  • teejk

    That “poker” analogy is now in my library!

    But I feel compelled to warn you that your “posting policy” needs to be revised.

    We have no tolerance for comments containing violence, racism, vulgarity, profanity, all caps, or discourteous behavior.

    After that Arizona thing, it seems that you as a private enterprise can no longer choose your customers.

  • Xavier

    For the trolls who descend on this thread, I’d like to point out that if you choose to be butthurt over the truth and a little honest humor, that’s your personal problem – it is not homophobia, islamophobia, or racism. Shoot, we’re the mark, as it were, and we’re laughing about it.

    Anyone who has immigrated to the U.S. (legally or otherwise) trumps any natural born citizen. An islamic barber of middle eastern descent, with an accent, is essentially 5 aces*. He’s rejected the lesbean on the basis of sex, not sexuality, and by liberal standards is within his religious rights. It’s subconscious fear disguised as multiculturalism. You can rationalize anything when the other option is getting your head cut off.

    *5 aces are always used in the liberal game – it’s “voting booth poker”.

    • J.e. Dyer

      Eventually, enough people will remember that a 6-shooter beats 5 aces. We shouldn’t have to go there, but there’s a limit to what people will voluntarily put up with.

      • LittleRoot_48


      • Bob_Salem

        Thats awesome!

      • Sutekh

        But also consider Lord Byron’s comment on the oppression of the Greeks by the Turks and Italians.

        “But Turkish spear and Latin fraud
        Will break your shield, however broad.”

        The proposed Muslim conquest of the US has been planned in such a way that they will not have to fight to take over. There may be insurgencies to deal with afterwards, but being in control of the US Army usually is a winning hand. Ask Abraham Lincoln.

      • William C

        But you first have to be able to take over the military. Those serving know everything that is going on in this administration. I don’t see them turning on their own citizens under anybody.
        Even Odummie can’t get them to agree with him.

      • William C

        I’m betting they find out very soon to . I keep waiting to hear in the news that somebody has gotten tired of living under the rules of these politicians and laww makers and begins taking them out . Only so much that people will take before they start taking the law back.

    • teejk

      There is no sense of humor with a proggie unless it involves writing some snarky comment about a conservative (usually copied from one the usual proggie sites) under some on-line alias, then followed by them wetting themselves over their cleverness. They are not very creative but they do giggle a lot.

      • Buck Disqus


      • Jami

        I am SO glad I am not the only one to notice that. :)

      • Natalie

        That is a classic sign of “I can’t refute this, so I’ll just make fun of him”. What’s actually funny about those comments is that they think they are refuting the argument.

    • RedneckCanuckpraysforUSsouls

      Copied first paragraph and would LOVE to use it… Shall I keep your name on it, or no? PS Dang, I needed a smile today, thank you.

      • Xavier

        Well that’s flattering. Consider it open source. 😉

    • Mary

      Nicely said.

    • Winston Blake

      born gay = birth defect

      • dave

        they say they’re gay because they were born gay but what if a murderer were born a murderer is that ok too.or a child rapist was born that way is it ok?or a criminal was born that way is it ok?(get the point?)all of the above are personal choices you have made in your life you dont get to pick and choose witch ones are ok.they are all wrong and they were all choices you made as an are not born gay any more than you are born a murderer!!!!!!!!!!

      • Winston Blake

        The gaytheists and fágnostics of Al Queerda are insane.

      • nobody really

        Some say it was a result of Conservative inbreeding within preferred status families….some say it happens when they get locked up the wrong prison…some say it’s pollution from Conservative corporations….some were just confused for a time they say…some say it’s the result of mad liberal scientists and at the end of the day why means nothing but good luck finding a Conservative who doesn’t think they have it all figured out

      • Winston Blake

        You people all believe the same thing…

        You all believe your weenies come from heaven and that this gives you some sanctified right to pass your collection plate at gunpoint for the gods of communism (yourselves).

        “Nobody panics when things go according to plan, even if the plan is horrifying.”

        I’m not on anyone’s side.

        If the Iranians nuke Israel, the Palestinians also die in the fallout.

        If the Israelis nuke Tehran that doesn’t bother me either.

        It is a win/win situation for me, because I don’t like any of them.

        Antagonists on both sides profit from further conflict and you fake progressive “human rights” organizers would be unemployed if the conflicts ended.

        You feed off of the misery for your paychecks.

        I’d happily bury you all in the same hole so there is truly peace at last.

      • William C

        Let me know if I can give you a hand ?

      • heitman

        It’s like looking for narrow minded leftist bigots on a blog complaining about narrow mindedness, right Guest?
        Some would say…you’re it!

    • Wendy Wagner

      There is a hole in your 5th Ace scenario. That fifth ace is a dead democrat voter. That would be the MOST untouchable of the untouchables.

      • Jami

        ALL dead voters are Democrats, eh?

      • Wendy Wagner

        No, but they tend to be a protected species.


      Where does the race CARD come in??

  • J.e. Dyer

    Probably the important question is when “the rules” become too stupid, unfair, and overweening to even try to cooperate with anymore.

  • Evan White

    I know this is not good but i can’t help but get humored by this…. LOL!!!!

  • Frank Young

    so what happen in the trial. Who won ?

  • cherieloren

    If he refuses to cut her hair, the lgbt community should go after him and violate his rights as strongly as they have violated the rights of the Christian community. As a Christian I am not in favor of violating anyone’s rights. I don’t agree with the lgbt community or their agenda. I don’t care what anyone does in their own bedroom, it is none of my business, however I am appalled at the lgbt community trying to force their lifestyle on everyone else. They are big on screaming about acceptance and tolerance but they are the least tolerant, after the muslims, of any group of people. It will be interesting to see which side “wins” under Obama’s administration.

    • Bay0Wulf

      I believe that what we have here is a “Failure to COmmunicate”. Unless maybe Obama can’t figure out what to do about … Benghazi, Syria, the Ukraine or Egypt (to name a few of the problems he is essentially giving up on) and has decided to try to tell Canada what to do.

      The situation at the moment is in Canada after all …

      • cherieloren

        True, however I was speaking to what the article was about, not where it was. The article was about a Muslim refusing to cut hair for a lesbian and whose rights would be on the chopping block. Under Obama’s regime I would imagine, as much as he promotes the gay agenda, the Muslim agenda is his first love so they will most likely win this one.

      • Bay0Wulf

        Well, that could be a “good thing” if Obama went and got all the homosexuals’ undies in a bunch … and added them to the people who found that they’ve been screwed by OBCare… Maybe the US Citizenry would start burning Democrats (and hopefully RINOs) in effigy … and for REAL at the Polls.

        Unfortunately I believe that, to some extent, Stalin’s statement; It matters not how the people VOTE … it only matters who COUNTS the VOTES …” Has come to the US of A.

      • cherieloren

        I have to agree with you on this. It’s a sad day for America when the whole justice system has gone down the proverbial toilet. Obama and his cronies wouldn’t have gotten in the first time if it weren’t for the ignorant uninformed masses who voted for him and the dishonest people intimidating voters at the polls and then rigging the machines.

      • noodles5

        You can lay all of that at the feet of the notorious Nazi Collaborator and billionaire George Soros. He bankrolls the filthy democrat party.

      • cherieloren

        Absolutely. odama is the worst thing to ever happen to America.

      • Sutekh

        The deliberate “diversification” of American by introducing foreign minorities with absolutely no time, incentive, or desire to assimilate will eventually turn every state in the US into an Jewish/Arab-style powder keg in which blacks, gays, whites, hispanics, muslims, Christians, Hindus, and the like will all be fighting as the various factions do in Lebanon.

        We remark on the irony of how US policy turned Iraq into a “jihahist wonderland,” but fail to understand that the same liberal mentality (and “building democracy” in a Muslim country is the most liberal of fantasies) is hard at work to build a just, diversified, s.t.a.b.l.e America.

    • Blahdiohblahblah

      Where in the Canadian constitution is the “right” to a haircut?

      Would you feel the same if a devout Muslim were refused a haircut by a gay stylist?

      • cherieloren

        Yes, I would because I’m sure no matter what the situation Obama would side with the Muslim.

      • cherieloren

        I would feel the same regardless of whether it was a Muslim or anyone else whose rights are being taken away. My question was why don’t the homosexual’s sue the Muslim’s as they have the Christians and if they did sue the Muslim’s, whose rights would prevail, the Muslim’s or the homosexual’s. In short, the only one’s whose rights are being taken away today are the Christian’s.

    • Donna

      I thought the Muslim barber refused her, not because she was gay, because of Shirea law that a man should not touch a woman other than his wife.(Privately, I wonder how often this “law” is actually kept in Muslim society). But it seems like a legitimate, if not totally truthful, reason to me.
      I can see enforcing non-discrimination of blacks, but being gay is not, to my knowledge, a “civil” right, but a sexual preference (aside from the genetic argument). And somehow, I still believe business owners have a right to refuse service, especially for religious reasons. Must the STATE analyse the motives of EVERYONE who will not oblige a customer? What a mess of micromanagement THAT stirs up. The barber, after all, is the one who stands to lose. Faith can easily find another place to get her hair cut. I’m sure many barbers would be glad to get her business. The barber who first refused her may lose business because of his stance..but it’s his choice. I don’t see that anybody is irreparably hurt by this incident. Sorry to seem so “insensitive” but it seems to me like much ado about nothing.

      • cherieloren

        The Muslim did refuse because of their laws on not touching a woman other than their wives (although they have no problem with raping women they consider infidels…go figure). My point was that if a Christian business refuses to bake a wedding cake or take pictures for a homosexual wedding they are sued and ran out of business but this won’t happen to a Muslim business because they are Muslim and are protected by Obama’s regime which is Muslim. My question was why don’t the homosexuals sue the Muslim’s and if they did, whose “rights” would be protected, the homosexual’s or the Muslim’s. We all know the answer to that one…even though Obama is a gay supporter and promoter, he is more loyal to the Muslim’s.

      • Buck Disqus

        “My question was why don’t the homosexuals sue the Muslim’s ”

        1/ most homosexuals are terrified of muslim violence, but not of Christians’.

        2// most homosexuals share muslims’ hatred of the Judeo-Christian Capitalist West and the values that go with it.

        See this video:

        And read almost everything by Dr. Judith Reisman.

        Political homosexuality is about nihilism, and right now, muslims are the enemy of the gays’ enemy.

      • cherieloren

        Thank you for the video, it tells it like it is. I have to agree with your summation regarding the muslims and gays.

      • Wendy Wagner

        This is in Canada

      • chasaragdy


        You parsed and sliced, detailing, the situation perfectly!

      • cherieloren

        Thank you very much.

      • chasaragdy


        Congratulations are always the order of the day, where truth and facts are the order of the day.

        Rhetoric is the banter of tyrants and totalitarians and those that do care less about truth, facts, history and reality than their narcissism and extremely bloated egos–and do not care about honorable, patriotic people!

      • cherieloren

        You’ve hit then nail on the head and I couldn’t agree with you more. This is the most, especially Obama, narcissistic group we’ve had in the White House ever. They’ve sold out the truth, America and it’s people for their own selfish gain.

  • Seerightthere!

    I just love to watch the Libs spin in circles like they have one foot nailed to the floor! LOLOLOLOLO

  • Callawyn

    For Leftists, there are no principles, and they wipe their (_!_) with the Constitution, so the only real question here is which is currently further up the pecking order of “protected minorities”.

    • HA65MPH

      Since when is the ”pos” and holder” protected from ‘our” laws’ ?

  • Starcitygal

    What was the outcome of the case?

    • Howard Portnoy

      I did not pursue it because it was not relevant to my article. In addition, the case occurred in Canada, which will have no relevancy to lawsuits that are brought in the U.S.

      • HA65MPH

        which will have no relevancy to lawsuits that are brought in the U.S.??

      • Bay0Wulf

        How is he “sliding”? The CASE is in CANADA. The last I was aware Obama can’t get ANYTHING iin the US of A figured out … or Benghazi (Libya) … or Syria … or Iran … or Iraq … or the Ukraine … or Egypt … and he doesn’t seem to know MUCH of ANYTHING that’s happening in HIS OWN ADMINISTRATION (so he says).

        How is he supposed to be able to figure out his (_!_) from his elbow when it comes to CANADA? Well … outside of trying to figure out a way to prohibit them from building a pipeline in THEIR OWN COUNTRY to THEIR OWN WEST COAST!?!?!?

      • HA65MPH

        1) I didn’t pursue it because it was not relevant to my article?
        2) FOLLOWUP ?
        4) I totally agree with you on ”pos” 😉

      • HA65MPH

        1) I didn’t pursue it because it was not relevant to my article?
        2) FOLLOWUP ?

      • Matthew Messerly

        It was resolved in private mediation if anyone is curious.

      • Buck Disqus

        IIRC, Canada had a Christian minister fined for refusing to back down on comments he made re Levitticus a year or so before we had the baker and the photographer fined / driven out of business for refusing to violate their religious principles with “gay” customers.

        And don’t forget, Libs LOVE to use “foreign law” batter us in the heads with their “change”.

  • MickeyFreakinDougal

    Been waiting for this one. Christians are told by our Lord to respond to your hate with love. Granted, it doesn’t always happen, but at least what he told us to do. Now we’ll see how your demands are met by followers of the Qur’an and Mohammed. This should be interesting.

  • wtd

    Choosing between two or more minority’s rights requires one to “discriminate” – a mortal sin to liberal minds.

    • Bay0Wulf

      I’d say its a conundrum but I bet the powers that be look at the Muslim’s proscription against “touching women” (apparently they can rape anything over 2 years old … of either gender) and decide that, while it is “sexist”, it is not “homophobia” so … evyting will be awwite … (sarc/deliberate use of lousy english)

  • SteveThomas39

    Why would anyone in their right mind trust a muslim with a sharp object near their neck to begin with?

    • Howard Portnoy

      Ha! Best question raised so far.

  • John b

    so it seems the lesbian is pursuing the case. you see; the homo community does not just want to be left alone to do their thing. THE WANT RECOGNITION THAT HOMO IS PREFERABLE!!!!

  • AppraisHer

    When the government, rather than God (given) is the one that hands out your “rights”, your rights can be trumped by a splinter group, fad group, cult or anything else the government deems “protected” at that moment. This current liberal government is bestowing rights based on nothing more than agenda and ideology, because progs have no logic, only emotion and they will never, ever stop.
    This case is in Canada, not the US, but the liberal cancer is strong in both countries, so it will be interesting to see which protected class is more “deserving” in Canada (my money’s on the muslim, they’re more dangerous than a lez), because sooner or later it’s coming here.

    • HA65MPH


  • Carolyn Ferrante

    All right; this one is easy. The barber OWNS the barber shop, and therefore he has the upper hand. He sets the rules. I’m sure there are other places for this lesbian to
    have her hair cut.

    • HA65MPH

      Pet Groomers ?

      • fiftysevenchevy

        Yep! We have a perfect place for them to get groomed! It’s called Laundramutt!!!!!!!

      • HA65MPH


      • fiftysevenchevy

        Thank you!

    • teejk

      It’s Canada…I think they banned the Dire Straits song “Money for Nothing” from playing over the airwaves because of the reference to the guy that owned his own jet air-plane and had the ear-ring. It was deemed offensive. So if the case hasn’t been decided yet, I’ll wager that I know how it will come out (or is it “oot”?) I’ve fished and hunted in Canada for decades but since the vast majority of the population lives within 100 miles of metro-sexual US cities, I guess they trump the true Canadians. We used to have majority rule here too but now it is a coalition of tiny minorities that with our joke of a voting system makes them a majority.

      • fiftysevenchevy

        Yep! Obozo turned the whole country upside down! Used to be majority Rules……….NOW it’s MINORITY rules!!!!!!!

    • AppraisHer

      I guess you’re not keeping up with the news. The Christian baker that refused to make the wedding cake for the gay couple was sued and the gays won.

      Here’s a few more Christians that refused to service gays, were sued and lost.
      Gays are new the protected species, Christians and those of faith, not so much.
      There were other bakeries and florist shops for the gays to use, but chose instead to sue. So no, it isn’t that simple anymore, Carolyn, not when the militant gay agenda is to destroy Christians, family and morality by putting them out of business.

      • Bay0Wulf

        One of the saddest parts of what you’re saying here is that … in AT LEAST a couple of those cases … they were COMPLETE AND TOTAL SET-UPS! The ACLU was a prime instigator. The homosexual guys in Colorado got “MARRIED” in Massachusetts (or it might have been Florida?) but hurried back to Colorado (where the homomarriage thing hasn’t been “quite” figured out) to FORCE the Baker into doing something against his Religious Beliefs (tacitly supporting their “lifestyle”). The ACLU had a hand in setting this up and is licking its chops over the idea that suddenly they have a “new relevancy”.

      • AppraisHer

        There’s plenty of bakeries and florist shops, so why go out of your way to the one’s that don’t want your business? Money and vindictiveness. They’ve been made the victim class, so Christians that don’t accept their filthy lifestyle must pay.
        All of this hatred and division is being perpetrated by President Vendetta to show America and especially Christians who’s boss. The ACLU is his PC police and he’s using gays, blacks and muslims as his surrogates…and they profit from it.

      • Bay0Wulf

        Well … While you are correct in much of what you have written, this President is more “egging them on” than “using them”. The ACLU has been literally “itching for a fight” since the day it came into being.

        This President has set a deliberate “tone” of whatever is most damaging to Our Society is “Good” for his Agenda. The minorities and various “closet” crowds now feel empowered because of it and the ACLU (“American” Civil Liberties “Union”) is ready to charge the ramparts.

        What is puzzling to me is how the Courts are just sitting on their hands and allowing these things to go unchecked. From the Supremes down to the Locals it seems that the Courts are doing much more “interpreting” of the law and less “upholding” of the law. Apparently, basic common sense is not worth considering or mentioning.

      • AppraisHer

        They are being egged on to be useful idiots for the agenda. While gays will prosper for being used (lawsuits), he’ll throw blacks a bone under the guise of social programs, social justice, equity and all the other BS Dog Eater tosses around, but they’re too stupid to see that the only people that prosper from Dog Eater’s agenda are lawyers, bundlers and 1%ers.

        RE the courts: They’re doing what they’re told. Most are filled with social justice progressives and those that don’t follow the dogma are being monitored by the NSA for any dirt that can be used against them (Roberts?) to keep them in line. With Dog Eater owning all 3 branches of government + the 4th estate, America is leaderless, lawless and screwed.

        RE common sense: It isn’t common anymore, pragmatism is a dirty word. After 2012, I’ve lost all respect for 50% of America…they get what they deserve and we suffer for it.

      • Bay0Wulf

        I beg to differ …

        The “other” 50% (and ALL the minority and special interest cliques) get MUCH MORE THAN THEY DESERVE.

        WE get to suffer for it as THAT “GIVING” is being TAKEN directly out of OUR pockets and being diverted directly away from the things we ARE supposedly paying for.

      • AppraisHer

        Agreed that parasites get much more than they deserve (as far as I’m concerned they can all starve), but much of that money that’s taken from us under the guise of “social justice” goes to organizations hand picked to run them (ACORN and then gets diverted back into the democrat party or used to buy votes. It rarely gets where it supposed to go.
        These “social program” are a smokescreen to make Dog Eater sound like he cares, keep the parasite happy and impress liberals, but they’re all too stupid to see that the money rarely gets to them, but into a huge illegal, democrat slush fund.
        Money laundering redistribution from the middle class to the democrat party.

      • Carolyn Ferrante

        If we lose the rights of private enterprise in our country, then we’re no longer a free society. We are a suppressed communist nation. How the hell did we get to this?

      • AppraisHer

        We got fat, comfortable, complacent and we stopped teaching the Constitution. We have 3+ generations of parasites and an entire marxist educated generation. We did it to ourselves.

  • toongail

    Am sure similar things happened in this country – but liberals are scared silly or in bed with, militant Muslims.

    • Bay0Wulf

      Just “have” to make this comment … It could be said that they would bake strange bedfellows BUT …

      As far as I can tell, Liberals are ALWAYS in need of a good “butt buddy” and the Muslims (who are rabidly anti-homosexuals) are completely FINE with that type of sex … somehow in their cult … having heaping helpings of same gender sex does not make one homosexual …

  • Doug T

    If it happened in the good ol USA Barack and his sidekick Eric would have their heads spinning backwards trying to figure out how to please both the barber and the lez.

    • HA65MPH


  • Andy

    This is a good thing that demonic Muslim occultists are refusing to serve demonic
    homosexuals of any gender because the homos always try to attack Christians!

    Why because Christians will ONLY tell them what they are doing is wrong! They already know what they are doing is wrong nasty abnormal and evil.

    Muslims will kill homos/lesbians and it won’t take much pushing for them to it. Perhaps Christians should also become more proactive!

    • Bay0Wulf

      Ummm … yes … Muslims ARE rabidly “anti-homosexual” BUT you can look back into their own writings as far as you want to and find that they are PERFECTLY OK with male on male sex … just as long as they do not “profess” to be homosexual. From the very beginning of Islam there has been a very high “usage” of … particularly very young … males for erotic stimulation.

      Don’t believe me? Read up on them for yourselves … there was one guy in the 7 or 800’s that had (he boasted and had it written about him) OVER 10,000 young BOYS as slaves to sate his appetite … and its not uncommon anyway.

  • RichFromShowMe

    What will prove to be a clash of cultures is when, not if, the next Lesbian, Stoned, Liberal, Environmentalist Wacko . . . presents their head, for a close cut, to a Muslim barber who might mistake this for a request to remove a body part?

    She/It should read up on Middle East History before making that mistake.

    • SheNemo

      That’s alllll he wanted, her head on a platter! And would have had it, but people were looking…………….BUT…when the SHTF……alllllllll non-muslim heads will roll.

  • D S Jackson

    Here is a case where, as a Christian, I support his right to his religious views. I think any business that chooses to operate under the religious obligations of their faith should have the right to post in public sight whatever limitations they must recognize, under our rights of freedom of religious practice. This should be an absolute “no brainer”, especially if there are other similar businesses in the area that will provide the service.

  • Stagester

    This one is easy, a lesbian trumps all.

  • gloria

    In this case, I side with the Muslim. I have no sympathy for bull dykes that want to walk around showing off their perversion.

  • Tin Values

    He should have shaved her bald. At least she’d have a boyish cut and the back of her head could look like a man’s testicle with pinched skin. Ha!

  • gloria

    I attended a talk several years ago warning us not to allow a “hate crimes law” to pass in the U.S. The speaker from Canada said the Human Rights Court was formed to try “hate” crimes and has no oversight. All someone had to do is point their finger and the weight of the government and all it’s resources came down on the accused who had to pay for their own defense. At that time one person was responsible for more than 50% of the accusations and the conviction rate was 100%.

  • H. Gillingham

    “EQUAL PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW…” does not provide room to have exceptions for “Protected Classes”. Nor does the word “equal” provide room for “hate crimes” – the criminal act itself is the crime, the attitude of the criminal toward the victim has nothing to do with that. If it can be proven that the primary motivation for committing a criminal act was based upon a personal prejudice then perhaps “special circumstances” should be attached to the criminal charge. We have laws defining all kinds of criminal behavior, to which we have recently added “emotion and thought” as crimes.

    There is nobody on this planet who has not been “offended” by another person at some point in their life. Having “protected classes” may make somebody at some level of government feel “good” about themselves, However, having “protected classes” only tends to obscure the meaning of “equal protection”… it’s not like the members of these “classes” are an endangered species!
    I can’t wait to go into a Muslim-owned restaurant and be denied my PORK CHOP… oh, wait… I’m not part of a “protected class”, so I can legally be denied ANYTHING by any MEMBER OF a protected class. Why does that not sound like “equal protection”? If I can’t go into a Muslim (insert your favorite variety of Muslim here) restaurant, and demand my PORK CHOP, why should gays be allowed to demand that a baker violate his own beliefs to satisfy the demands of the gay community? My 2¢…

  • Doris C

    So whats the answer to when it really happened. Still fighting it out in court or thrown out of court?

  • Libya21

    The government should jail them both for a year to show that it refuses to deal with morons. If someone won’t cut your hair move on. After your year in jail you are free to stand out side the Muslim’s barbershop in hope’s your boycott has some monetary effect. Canada should deport both you morons! Stop wasting the taxpayers’ money and courts’ time. Let Islamic law prevail,,,off with your heads!

  • OrlandoRican

    I can’t wait for this fight to come to our country. Whose side will the pandering politicians take? And who would win a fight between homos and muslims?

    • Kain

      it’ll be here soon enough

    • Xavier

      The moslems will back down. They know how to play the long game.

  • LouiseCA

    This is what happens when governments try to promote special rights for one group and stick their noses into personal and business decisions where they don’t belong. This man should not have to violate his conscience, any more than a Christian photographer or whatever. Let the customer go somewhere else and everybody act like an adult.
    It may not be advisable for the homosexuals to line up out in front of his business and try to force him to bow to them. The muslim community may not roll over and say, “Kick me again,” like the Christians are having to do.

  • Lynn K

    I think the lesbian did this only because she is a lesbian and wanted to make a point knowing she could make a legal claim.

    There is nothing I read that revealed the barbers knew she was gay. They may have surmised it but that is not the issue anyway. I don’t cater to Shariah law but instead to established secular law even though I am a religious person. If it is a conflict then we make our argument in the court of law or to our legislatures.

    But, and a big but, any person owning a business should have the right to refuse service to another unless in a clear cut matter of selective discrimination. In this case it was not selective but instead a policy of the shop that they did not cut women’s hair. Being a lesbian was the not the intended prohibition although I suspect that would have invited a refusal as well.

    • Kain

      I couldn’t agree more. If I had the power to do so, I’d make it a right for anyone to start a business, make it a right for any business to refuse service to anyone, and permanently end ALL bail outs.

  • Alexander Alexandrin

    Awesome article, sir. Roman Empire drove themselves to a deadlock.

    • Alexander Alexandrin

      *itself lol

  • Alexander Alexandrin

    Comparison to cards is amasing, but as true as sad. My condolences.

  • jayman

    His business is really called the “terminal barber shop”? Do they slit your throat when they are done cutting your hair? Or do you have to be terminally ill to get the haircut?

    • Xavier

      Sweeny Mohammad.

  • Randy

    I must side with the barber if it is own business or if he is solely commissioned base, the customer has the right to go elswhere, I think the Arizona bill was justified in defending religious liberties. Even a person being paid a salary shouldnt be compelled to vilotate their religious beliefs, at that point they have a few choices as does the consumer

  • Randy

    We have gone away from freedom of speech to freedom from speech if the collective doesnt like it, its not about the collective or the activists, its about the constitution.

  • lorlan4

    Trim about mid neck with one of those machete things you carry for the infidels.

  • Mr Keith Charles Johnson

    It seems to me that the lesbian was simply trying to stir something up, and get her fifteen (15) minutes of fame while doing it. I would guess, because I’ve never been to Toronto, that there are more than one (1) men’s barber shops there, and of those they have at least one (1) barber who is not of the Muslim faith.

    “Stupidity cannot be cured with money, or through education, or by legislation. Stupidity is not a sin, the victim can’t help being stupid. But stupidity is the only universal capital crime: the sentence is death, there is no appeal, and execution is carried out automatically and without pity”. Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough For Love

  • keepyourpower

    i wouldn’t let a Muslim touch me with a ten foot take that Muslim men!
    You notice the Muslim barber said nothing about her being a Lesbian…hmmm…
    What happened to equal protection under the Law?

    Vote for Ben Carson to be President…and we will see America return to it’s rightful place… and with God’s Blessings…

    I know this happened in Canada…but could easily happen here!

    • Larry

      Yes to Ben Carson!

  • ForthePeople33

    How can a black lesbian in a wheelchair be a “straight” flush? Ut oh, looks like they will have to redefine poker hands now! No more “straights” or “straight flushes.” Wouldn’t want to offend someone! Big eye roll here….

  • jimpeel

    So the guy will be charged with a “hate crime” by the tribunal. Hate crimes legislation has nothing to do with hate. It has to do with power — the kind of power that is gained by the oldest method there is — divide and conquer — the virtual Balkanization, the factionalization as it were, of America. I have used the following to illustrate this point for twenty years and the author’s poker analogy parallels my totem theory.

    Imagine, if you will, that these factions are a totem. At the bottom of the
    totem is a White Heterosexual Christian male with no disabilities. At the top
    of the totem is a Black female Homosexual Athiest who is disabled. If you doubt
    this analysis, simply name one — just one — local, county, state, or federal
    program that is directed toward White male Heterosexual Christians with no disabilities.
    You can’t. Simply change any one of those five criteria, however, and there are
    programs galore.

    So let’s examine who wields the power and why.

    Women now outnumber men and are the most powerful faction by sheer numbers.

    Minorities are the second most powerful faction with Blacks wielding the most
    power among them. This is because they have the most effective and vocal
    leaders. That vaunted position won’t last, however.

    The next most powerful faction are the religions with the Jews wielding the
    most power; but the Atheists are quickly gaining in influence and, in some
    cases, wield more influence. The Jews are still gleaning power from the
    Holocaust (as they should, lest we forget) and the Atheists can knock any
    religion with impunity — especially Christianity. In the aspect of politics,
    however, Atheists wield Constitutionally mandated power granted by activist
    judges while the Jews hold no such mandate — thus the Atheists’ position at
    the top of the totem and the most points for religion.

    The Homosexual movement comes next as they are vocal, visual, and they also
    have effective leaders.

    Lastly comes the disabled as they are not as numerous, vocal, or represented.
    Yes, they got sidewalk ramps, parking places, and lower light switches but most
    people feel that they have been appeased.

    So where do you score on the totem? I have weighted each faction or sub-faction
    on a Binary scale (start with 1, double it, and keep doubling each subsequent
    result). This prevents any two combinations of factions from scoring the same
    score thus assuring your unique position on the totem. Here are the scores.
    Simply add together your faction scores.

    If you are not disabled, your score is 0

    If you are disabled, your score is 1

    If you are Heterosexual, your score is 0

    If you are Homosexual, your score is 2

    If you are a Christian, your score is 0

    If you are a non-Christian, other than Jewish, your score is 4

    If you are Jewish, your score is 8

    If you are Atheist, your score is 16

    If you are White, your score is 0

    If you are a minority, other than Black, your score is 32

    If you are Black, your score is 64

    If you are male, your score is 0

    If you are female, your score is 128

    My score is 0 as I am a White (0) male (0) Christian (0) Heterosexual (0) with
    no disabilities (0).

    My wife’s score is 160 as she is a female (128) Mexican/Yakima Indian (32)
    Heterosexual (0) Christian (0) with no disabilities (0).

    How do you score?

    Now most people, without knowing the information I imparted to you at the top
    of this post, would say “He is one sick a–, homophobic, racist,
    mysogenistic, anti-semitic son-of-a-b—-.”

    Labels can sometimes fool you.

  • Sunflower

    This should be very easy. If Christians who have a problem with gay marriage must bake cakes and take pictures for gay weddings, then Muslims who have a problem with gay women must cut the gay woman’s hair. If Christians are not allowed to “discriminate” on the basis of their religious beliefs, then neither is anyone else. Period.

    • chaslie45

      And neither can a gay photographer refuse to take photos for an anti-gay conference.

      • Maria Fine

        Yet they CAN, and DO.

  • freebirds

    So tell me. Why would I not be the slightest bit offended if I was refused service because I’m heterosexual? If someone lesbian or homosexual told me that they were refusing to serve me because I’m strait I would start laughing so hard I’d likely be crying as I would gladly walk out and call all my friends and tell them about the funniest thing that just happened to me. Then I’d gladly go elsewhere. They have a right to refuse me. Its there business. Not mine. And mad? Not a chance. Funny? Oh yes.
    So why might they get all pissy over this?

    • chaslie45

      Probably because they know that they are only 2% of the population so if they refused to do business with heterosexuals they wouldn’t have much of a business.

      • freebirds

        That could be. I guess if my views were only made up of roughly 2% then I would have to think that maybe my views should be under observation as to the thought of being wrong. 98% would likely be right. Just saying. So I’d have a hard time trying to submit my views with 2% of the population against the views or ways of 98%. But then again I’ve never been good at gambling. Even with good odds. Lol

  • PatriotGal

    Well, if that had had happened in the USA, you know very well the moslem would win because the POTUS has said when something comes to pass, he will stand with the moslems against all others. That must be difficult for him considering his stand on gays. Oh well, expediency for his ideology.

  • cmjay

    This happened in 2012 – so what was the result? Your article is incomplete – don’t start what you can’t finish.

  • sweetqueen777

    First of all, why would you want someone to cut your hair, who doesn’t want you as a customer??? I would assume that the haircut you would get would be awful. That is about as smart as insulting the person who brings you your food. Having stated the obvious, I don’t give my business to anyone who does not want it. If I owned a business, I would think I could run it however I want. It will fail, if I do not run it well. Thus endeth the lesson. This is still America. (So far.)

  • John Gallion

    I’m shocked! I’ve scanned the comments and…something…or someone, is missing. Hmmmmm. Where have all the Leftist trolls gone??? Where have all the homos gone??? They should be here, tossing out their bile, but they aren’t??? I can’t imagine why.

  • smogdew

    If the Muslim has so many restrictions placed by his religion (Sharia law) he needs to find a job with no religious constraints – and that would be to go back from whence he came & study Christianity. The girl should open a salon/barber shop that caters only to homosexuals where they have noon prayer for God to help them.

  • DocRambo

    She’s just lucky he didn’t say “yes” and then slit her throat, a perfectly reasonable act to one of these barbarians.

  • Cani Lupine

    Islam is “America’s lone “diverse” religion?” Sure, way to insult all Pagans, Wiccans, Bhuddists, Hindus, Sikhs, and others. My wife is Wiccan. The First Amendment protects ALL religions, not just Christianity.

    • Howard Portnoy

      You misunderstand my meaning of “diverse.” It is a buzzword for “protected by liberals.” Liberals care far less about the alternative religions you mention (except maybe for paganism) and they seem strenuously opposed nowadays to Christianity (i.e., the religion of white privilege).

      • Cani Lupine

        If conservative Christians would keep to themselves and stop trying to force their religious beliefs into law, we wouldn’t have that issue. Many Christians seem to be unable to accept the fact that our Constitution separates Church and State in the Establishment Clause. They somehow developed a massive victim complex and think Freedom of Religion only means freedom for themselves, and cry “oppression” when they’re told they can’t keep shoving their bible down everyone’s throats. I’m a white male Libertarian Atheist, and I’m getting sick and tired of Christians’ subversion of our Constitution.

      • Igor

        Wow, Lupine, way to mis-interpret the Establishment Clause. I suggest you parse it again, it makes no such claim. Church and state are NOT separated, just that the Government shall not ESTABLISH an official religion. It makes no mention of any “separation”.

        Nice try. Go back to school and learn, or go home.

      • Maria Fine

        Relevant to the article? I don’t think so, you are nothing more than a bigot.

    • Maria Fine

      They’re sure doing a hell of a job protecting Christianity :/

  • Sid Viscious

    If these rulings stand, if the most basic freedom to abstain from participating in activities your religion tells you are sinful is now largely gone, then the progressive barbarians are no longer at the gate… they’ve entered your home, taken control of your life and have carte blanche to force you to do whatever it is they demand – or face ruinous consequences otherwise. Such is the kindling with which revolutionary fires are often started…

    Gay Wedding Cakes, Religious Freedom and the Return of Slavery in America

  • James Maxwell

    Hell IT should be glad that he didn’t give IT a hair cut, or it might have been much

    closer to the neck line than expected. After all they last tie I heard a Muzzle give
    a homosexual a hair cut it was just above the shoulders. Plus this was a Female
    and they do not have a very high respect for females anyway.

  • bill

    I can’t wait for the LYING MUSLIM in the white house to abdicate the USA to the muslims. that would solve the LGBT problem quickly.

  • theronald

    Too bad this did not happen in the U.S. It probably will, give it time. How is it any different than a baker not wanting to bake a cake for a homo wedding? Both the baker and the barber wanted to refuse service for religious reasons. Would be interesting to see how the lame stream media would handle it. They would probably try to just ignore it.

    • Igor

      Somebody brought up an interesting point. The Baker didn’t want to not sell them a cake, just a custom one celebrating the “marriage” of two same-sex people.

      Nope. The religion trumps their buying a custom-made cake from the Baker.

  • Morgan Michaels

    In Canada we had a case where a Sikh challenged our laws on motorcycle helmets since he wears a turban for his religion. He lost. If he wants to wear a turban he can drive a vehicle that does not legally require a helmet. His religious freedom did not circumvent the laws of the country.

    If the barber doesn’t want to cut a womans hair due to his religion than he shouldn’t be operating a public business. When you live in Canada you live by the laws of Canada. You are free to practice your religion without issue so long as it doesn’t interfere with the lives and laws of others. His right to practice Sharia Law in Canada does not supersede her right to get a hair cut in a public business. If they were to rule in his favour then others could demand women cover their faces in their presence. Not gonna happen.

    • Callawyn

      Didn’t you also just have a case with Muslims suing because they didn’t want to handle alcohol or pork even though their job, as cashiers at a supermarket that sells those items, requires them to do so? The Muslims won.

  • Sunshine Kid

    When government starts making decisions, every decision they make will have repercussions on all walks of life, which is why a small government spurs development, freedoms, independence and growth, and why large governments spur unrest, apathy, anger and eventually, tyranny.

  • enrique

    If it happened here ,obama and the feds would side with tthe muslim,without a doubt.

  • Igor

    I side with freedom, which means I support the right of the barber to refuse service to ANYone. This is the price of freedom. Sure, the guy’sd an idiot, but unless it’s life-threatening, he can do what he wants and run his business any way he wants. Does it pick my pocket or break my bones? No. ‘Nuff said.

    Of course, I don’t have to patroinize the barber, either. Let ’em sink or swim based on his own predjuces.

  • Eli Odell Jackson

    When did sodomy become a virtue?
    From reading my book the Lord done blew two cities right off the face of the world for that sin.

  • joeyblueyes

    OY VAY!!

  • markypolo

    Another bs headline. This case had NOTHING to with a lesbian. I despise moronic Journalism.

  • Karl Dulaff

    Well, conundrums like this will happen in hypocritical liberal bizarro world. “Shall we side with the militant homosexuals or the radical Islamists who want to kill us after we stupidly offered them sanctuary from their cluster fuqued s**t hole of a country?”

  • D. Guardian

    …people, people, the islamist trumps everybody, he is special and has more rights than the rest of the population, the government says so. By the way, Sammy Davis jr. mother is Hispanic.

  • notpilgrims2

    It’s discrimination. They aren’t performing a haircut on her because she’s a woman. Current law doesn’t even allow photographers to not photograph gay marriage.

    That said, even if we passed a law that allowed people to not be forced to participate in a gay marriage, that law wouldn’t apply to haircuts, because haircuts are not gay marriages.

  • Ross R Blankert

    A straight razor could easily be in the hands of a Muslim who believes homosexuality is punishable by death. The lesbian should back out carefully and run like hell. Live to fight

  • CrazyAuntJane

    the whole world has gone completely batshit crazy!!!

  • rs1123

    Well, let’s see, in this country NOW:
    black rights trump white rights
    gay rights trump straight rights
    atheist rights trump Christian rights
    gay rights trump Christian rights
    Muslim rights trump gay or Christian rights

    I predict this will not turn into much.

  • charles_hakes

    How stupid do you get? If someone doesn’t want to cut your hair, for any reason, why would you want to pay them for doing so? In all likelihood they would give you a terrible haircut if they were forced to cut your hair.

    Leave it alone and get out of there and go to someone who is happy to get your business. Cheeze. Use some common sense.

  • Chuck Chuckson

    The entire philosophy of the Left can be summarized in one word – anti-White

  • Leah Keever

    Since Christians are forced to bake wedding cakes for gays, they d*mn well better force Muslims to cut their hair.

  • zombiekiller117

    This is ONLY an issue in White countries, nobody else is stupid enough to flood their countries with outsiders.

  • MC

    How did this go from, “My religion keeps me from touching other women other than my wife”, which is a good thing, to “A barber refuses to cut hair of “lesbian”.? What does her being a lesbian have anything to do with it? He has the right to practice his religion, so the LGBTP community have to stop making up fake stories of persecution.

  • prisoner233

    Go to a different barber that wants your business, support the tolerant business, don’t give your money to the ones that don’t support your lifestyle. Why is this even an issue?

    No individual or business should be legally required to provide services to anyone else unless its a life or death situation, or a request for a drink of water. To force someone to provide services without their consent is slavery.

    If you’re gay, support gay tolerant business, or, and here’s the MIND BOGGLING EASY SOLUTION: go where ever the hell you feel like but refrain from putting your sexual orientation on blast the second you walk through the front door of some place. Straight people don’t tell everyone they’re straight, why do gays feel the need to broadcast their sexual orientation to everyone within eyesight? That’s the kicker and the part I don’t understand and cannot even begin to wrap my head around.

    A certain small subset of the gay community, (on forums the term is “vocal minority”), want everyone to respect their rights and feelings but have no qualms about completely disregarding and trampling on everyone elses’. Pretty classy, imo. Then on the other hand, you have the “silent majority” that’s facepalming just as hard as I am over this whole absurd nonissue.

  • RobbieSDA

    It is reasonable for someone to refuse a service when they are not comfortable with a situation. Nobody should be able to make someone else do something against their conscience. On the other hand, if it was a product being sold, it should be available for anyone, as it usually sits on a shelf to select for purchase or is ordered online. Nobody is doing anything special for a specific person in those cases. My 2 cents.

  • Drum

    What is the author’s position on the matter as it pertains to liberty?

    Should business owners be forced to provide their products or services, or not?

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Canada. Are they still around?

  • lil-echoes

    Where’s the outcry for this …. absentee jokers I see

  • teacher10258

    To me it’s mute unless you’re s stubborn right fighter lesbian. No man would let somebody cut his hair that didn’t want to do it.. It proves that she’s stupid and narrow-minded. Just like him.

  • KD

    MUST give the lesbian the requested service. Either that, or bake her wedding cake, right?

    • CQ

      What if the customer actually has cooties? Does a barber really have to provide the service for a diseased head?

      • KD

        GReat questions. A liberal dose of rose oil should do the trick, right?

      • zombiekiller117

        In some Australian jurisdictions barber cannot by law cut hair on diseased head due to risk of spreading the cooties.

  • CQ

    There just HAS to be another barber shop in Toronto that is not run by Muslims. I would not patronize a Muslim barber shop if there was any alternative.

  • Accession

    If you read through the comments, so many commentators state that the article erroneously suggests that she was refused service because she was gay, when instead, in their opinion, it was because she was a woman.

    The article begins with the lebsian’s complaint that she couldn’t get a mannish haircut at a women’s salon.(which is totally bogus.Every hairstylist for women knows how to cut extremely short, man type hair. ) So she went to a barber shop. The barber did not want to cut her hair because he follows sharia law and doesn’t do anything with women.

    So a described lesbian, who wanted a man’s haircut, went to a men’s shop and was refused service. And decided to complain and whine and get the government involved.Yes, this was a purposeful act in an attempt to further the “cause”.

    Because lesbians getting a man’s haircut is the most important thing to them. Their arrested development is showing.

  • William M Durham

    This is something that we need here in America. It would be fun to see where obama and holder stood on this one.Lay you even money the muslim wins, if not in court, in the streets when they take to blowing everything up because you made them dirty. These folks cannot take a joke or and insult without destroying half the world. Let the fun begin.

  • ProfShadow

    It’s not like being, oh, a Christian bakery and refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding…Oh Wait!

  • Renrah

    This is America in the Obama era – the answer is indisputable and obvious – the Muslim of course takes top priority as we have all seen.

  • Denise

    If this were in the US, he’d have to cut it or quit cutting hair. If you gotta bake the cake. you gotta cut the hair.

    • P`tar

      Not true. Just close your doors to the public. Private business can and do reserve the right to chose their clientele.

    • Sulli159

      The gay community would never go after the islamic community; they prefer Christians because we don’t slice off their heads or torture them and hang them in the public squares.

  • P`tar

    This is tricky, as I don’t know Canadian law. (I’ll use U.S.A. reasoning.)

    I’ll still tend to side with the woman. My reasoning, he opened his door to the public. Public accommodation requires he serve all within the constraints of law or close his doors to public.

    He may needs a licence to cut hair, but, he nor anyone else needs to open their business doors to the public. Become a private, by appointment only, business. Save everyone the headaches.

  • FJ Cruiser

    A woman who gets mad and upset that strange men wouldn’t touch her. Oh my goodness, we should all be pissed that this guy respected his wife by not touching another woman, how dare that guy!

  • chelmer

    As man, and a lesbian, I’m sure I could get a haircut from him. So obviously there’s a problem here. Not all lesbians are equal obviously: I am a lesbian because the woman inside my man’s body is attracted to women. I can get a haircut and a traditional lesbian cannot? How long can we tolerate injustice like that?

    • Howard Portnoy

      What amazes me is that no male lunatic has argued in earnest that he is a lesbian for the reasons you posit humorously.

  • Sutekh

    We know from the 2008 presidential elections that the rights of a black man trump those of a white woman. Since we don’t know what these folks do at home, we don’t know which real minority they belong to.

    Is either Hillary or Obama homosexual?

    Is Obama actually muslim.

    If we could find these things out, we could figure out how to game the system ourselves.

  • Dennis Teel

    i’m sorry,but women DO have cooties!! two of them!!

  • blacksunshine84

    I side with the muslim barber. As a free person and a business owner, it should be his choice who he hires and serves.

    • zombiekiller117

      I agree too ! If a Black man walks into my restaurant I should have the right to decide if I serve him or not. Freedom of association is a beautiful thing.

      • blacksunshine84

        And vice versa. If anyone is so ignorant that they would deny someone service or work based solely on skin color, let them do it.

      • zombiekiller117

        That’s the point, if for example I put a sign up saying ‘Whites only’ then the free market will decide. I may go broke or I may do well. A Black man might open up next to me with a sign saying ‘Blacks only’ and a 3rd man might put up a sign saying ‘All welcome’
        The people could decide themselves instead of being forced. In a short time the free market would determine who goes broke and who is profitable.

      • Xavier

        Ah, but you’re assuming we will have a free market – and therein lies the rub. 😉

      • blacksunshine84

        Maybe it would end racism on our own. Government relies on racism to maintain power so it makes sense that it wouldn’t want that.

  • liberal

    the future belongs to the liberals its time you conservatives realized your cause is lost and just give up.Christinity will soon be an extinct religion and america will be ruled by secular humanists forever

    • Sulli159

      Haha; be careful what you wish for you might just get it.

      • liberal

        that is exactly whats going to happen just look at europe 100 years ago they were all christians but today more than half there population had no religion one day soon america will also follow suit

    • Sulli159

      Luke 21:33
      Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

      • liberal

        you believe a book that says the universe is 6000 years old that giants used to roam the world that humans and dinosaurs lived side by side how can i or anyone expect to have a meaningful conservation with you

      • zombiekiller117

        Where does the bible say the universe is 6000 years old or that humans and dinosaurs lived side by side. Can you give me the scripture verse for that please ?

  • Sulli159

    Most sane/normal people would not want to get any where near a muslim with something sharp in his hand

    • liberal

      a nation of sane people would never allow a christian to vote or hold political office

      • Sulli159

        Yeah; we seen how that works out in those islamic hell holes while they took over Christian countries since 611 AD; 250 million people slaughtered and counting.

      • liberal

        christianity will be a dead religion soon and america will forever be ruled by secular humanists and people will remember you like we remember the cave men who thought the earth was flat

        and dont christians have had their fare share of pagan genocide

      • zombiekiller117

        A nation of sane people would never let a person with a damaged or under developed amygdala to vote.
        Get a brain scan done the results might surprise you.

    • blacksunshine84


  • liberal

    its amazing how rightwing christian nutjobs suddenly become defenders of homosexuals everywhere when it comes to attacking muslims and also that woman pam geller who wrote that article is bff’s with people like victoria jackson who is one of the most homophobic political activist/blogger in the country.why dont you republicans just do everyone a favour and keep your opinions to yourself the liberals won a long time ago.the people of america would rather elect an idiot like obama then a republican who would want to force rape victims to have their rapists babies

    • zombiekiller117

      “want to force rape victims to have their rapists babies”
      Yet left wing radicals would rather see a woman raped than a rapist shot. Gun control remember ?

    • blacksunshine84

      Y’all were friends with David Duke for yrs until black people became interested in politics and he was an inconvenience.
      and you support an organization, Planned Parenthood, that was founded to eradicate black people from our society.

  • jvmccann

    Business’s have the right to refuse service to whomever they want. However they must live with the consequence’s. I don’t support radical Islam nor in your face LBGT.

  • liberal

    you people want to ban gay marriage,abortion and pornography and then you talk about rights and freedom

    • zombiekiller117

      With freedom comes responsibility, seems you think woman shouldn’t have to take responsibility for their actions. Sex can lead to babies, if you don’t want to have a baby then don’t choose to have sex.

    • blacksunshine84

      I want to end abortion because it is murder, but I’m not concerned about gay marriage or pornography.
      Unlike leftists, we on the right don’t all have to think exactly alike.


    My Lord….!!!! The hand wringing and pontification ensuing across North America! What is a good libturd to do now?

  • KentPerry

    So if a Westboro Baptist orders 100 signs from a print shop owned by rwo gay guys and they want the signs to say “God hates fags” should the Government force the two queers to make them?

    • zombiekiller117

      So if a Black walks into my restaurant, should I as a White man be forced to accept him as a customer ?
      Freedom of association died back in 1965, get used to it.

  • pointdan

    Eric Holder – whatcha gonna do ???? Investigate a parade float ??? Its called freedom of speech A-hole.

  • blacksunshine84

    Our mayor recently announced a new initiative to get good jobs for young black men. Our mayor is black so it would seem to me that black men can achieve for themselves, so it comes across as black supremacy.

  • ★✩★ David ★✩★

    This is as easy a call as it gets. The barber wins! The barber, Muslim or not is the only party with any rights in this case. Forcing someone to perform against their will is simply tyranny — whether it’s cutting hair or baking a cake. It’s akin to rape or slavery.

  • tk-atty

    Oh, they would never do that. They are not afraid to be in your face and you’re going to give us what we want when you are a Christian, but totally different if it is a Muslim business. Now I want to hear all the outcry from the homosexuals, Obama, liberals, news media and Hollywood. Levant’s hierarchy is right on point!

  • FJ

    Would’ve been worse for that Muslim man to accept cutting and then unintentionally or naturally have a sudden erection. And its not hard to get turned on by lesbians because they’re hot(well, usually).

  • Dromig10

    Mr. Obama will side with the adherent of Islam over the lesbian because he is a Muslim and not a lesbian.

  • Sardis

    That barber denied a lesbian woman a haircut. Here in America, we–at least, some of us–deny lesbian women the right to marry. Which is worse?

  • Susancnw

    Um, all she had to do was walk into a regular salon and ask for a businessman’s haircut, and she wouldn’t have ended up with a girly cut. My take on it is that she did it deliberately.

  • Laurie Yanda

    OK Canada…..I thought you were smarter than the USA…. THEY are in YOUR country but YOUR going to let THEIR LAWS FROM THEIR COUNTRY control YOUR country HAS EVERY COUNTRY GONE NUTS. If I go to China, I follow Chinese law. If I go to Hong Kong I follow their law, If I go to France I follow their law. SO please explain how they can come into another country and DEMAND their own way….THIS IS NO different than the wedding cakes they forced businesses to make for lesbian’s…???????$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$???????????

  • david5300

    So she is going to a muslim barber for a haircut?
    Is this a joke?

  • LoneRangler

    Ohhh, stop your whining. Be thankful he didn’t slit your throat and move on.

  • William C

    Howard…I hope you will follow up on this story to let us know if the LGBT organization sue’s this barber like they did the cake maker ?

  • Roger in Republic

    Use the wisdom of Solomon when he settled the question of the motherhood of the child. Take a sword and cut both of these idiots in half.

    • J.e. Dyer

      Hadn’t thought of that one as a solution for this particular problem, but it’s an interesting possibility. :-)

  • Michael Harlow

    A truly reasonable explanation considering the liberal mindset, which is itself an oxymoron.

  • Tom Hood


  • Sutekh

    Every time two minorities get into a discrimination fight with each other, it is kind of like the apocryphal experiment in which the researcher took a piece of toast with jelly on it, tied it jelly side up on the cat’s back, and dropped the cat to see which side would land first — the cat feet first, or the jelly side of the toast.

  • JumpinJehosephat

    I think that the only fair way to settle a difficult political problem like this is to resort to the old paper-rock-scissors match-up, tailored for the particular circumstances. Like, cooties smash haircut; haircut slices burqua; burqua covers cooties.

  • Syberlink

    So when will the government fine this Muslim and make him cut her hair???

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    Great game of twister exemplifying why multiculturalism is so ridiculous.

  • Kentucky red

    As much as I can’t stand Islam I am mortally compelled to take the Barbers side on this one. It should be up to him who’s hair he cuts and whose hair he don’t cut. Just like a Preacher shouldn’t be required to perform a wedding for anybody he don’t want to.

  • c0mm0ncenz

    In future in Toronto, when a Christian refuses service to a gay person because that business person is a Christian, they now have a precedent. If a Muslim uses his belief system, a Christian is correct to use his. Any other outcome than this would be discrimination against a Christian. Either they need to treat the Muslim like a Christian or Jew, or the govt is breaking the law.They cannot have it both ways.

  • Froglodyte

    I think the answer here is obvious. [Sarcasm on] Each side should have to submit to sensitivity training about the other group; the training should start with the usual straw man arguments and end with strong ad hoc attacks on people that don’t agree with their points of view. If this does not lead to a haircut, then each group should be able to rally others to their cause, demand boycotts, and government investigations of the hate crimes that have occurred. If this all continues to its logical conclusion, then Canada will become gridlocked – with Lesbians and Muslims locked in an eternal struggle for the soul of Canada. I will be sitting on the sidelines with some poutine [sarcasm off].