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Virginia Dem. says guns need to be titled, registered, gun owners like ‘little children’


On Wednesday, Mike Dickinson, a Virginia Democrat running to replace Eric Cantor, R-Va., in the House of Representatives, compared gun owners to children in a message on Twitter.  Earlier in the day, he said guns should be “titled” and registered just like cars.

“Gun owners are like little kids right now. They all the rights but none of the responsibility (sic). With rights comes responsibility,” he tweeted.

One person said Dickinson should either “quit huffing paint thinner or quit twitter.”

“Reading your tweets is like watching Idiocracy,” added “Chair Force One.”

One person, however, expressed hope he would win the election “so you can use ARMED Govt agents to disarm these gun owners.”  We were informed by email that individual was being facetious with his comment.

In another tweet, Dickinson said that anyone who sells a gun should be responsible if that weapon is used in a crime, making a comparison to bar owners who sell alcohol to those who drink and drive.

“If you as a private person sell someone a gun and it is used in a crime you should be held civilly responsible,” he said.

“If you sell a gun and it ends up being used in a crime or shooting- you should be held responsible,” he wrote in another message.

“Gun retailers should be as well if a gun is used in crime,” he added in another tweet.

Dickinson, however, said he is not for “removing guns,” but compared them “to the norovirus” and made it clear he wants them to be treated like vehicles, and all sellers held responsible for actions taken after the sale.

He also suggested every state have the same gun control laws.

“If every state had same gun control laws, America would be healthy. However we do not. We have some sick states that get everyone else ill,” he tweeted.

He also went after the NRA, saying the organization should fight for abortion and LGBT rights since it supports freedom.

Recently, Dickinson attacked Fox News and suggested the FCC “monitor and regulate” the network.

Since that report, Dickinson has agreed to debate this writer on Feb. 26 at 5 p.m. Pacific time, here.


Joe Newby is an IT professional. He has written for Conservative Firing Line, Examiner, NewsBusters, and Spokane Faith and Values.

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  • rambler

    Gun control wackos need to look at their own irresponsibility, especially those who passed laws that enable criminals to run rampant in dem controlled cities. When the dem controlled large cities look more like Disneyland and not like a war zone, then I’ll listen to what they have to say.

    • billhook

      Dems do better at fantasy than real life, which explains why Hollywood is so left-wing.

  • bittman

    The safest places in America are where the Second Amendment is honored. We know an elderly widow who lives in the country that had visitors at 2:00 a.m. She cocked her gun when they started fooling with her door, and her visitors suddenly decided it wasn’t worth the trouble. Undoubtedly, they decided it would be safer to pick a house where the owner didn’t own a gun.

    • billhook

      The liberal prof. I worked for briefly had a “This is a gun free home” sign on his office door, along with the assorted world peace, save the whales and Amnesty International stickers, but I doubt he had the balls to put it up at his home in a yuppie urban enclave a half mile from the housing projects.

  • Gal Spunes

    Petulant ‘progressives’ need to be GPS & RFID tagged, so that we know where they are at all times, and can use this data to correlate outbursts of idiocy with their presence and population density.

    • billhook

      They have it planned for YOU, (“for the children”) but I’m sure they’ll pass exemptions for themselves, as usual.

  • Zehnhund

    I always like how the leftists are only after some of the guns, not all of them and against all undeniable proof, headlined at least nationwide if not worldwide every time there is a mass shooting it occurs in a place made “safe” by these very people and their stunningly deadly ignorance time and time again.
    It is the people that design and enforce these “Killing Fields” known as “Gun Free Zones” that should be charged as accomplices in the slaughters that occur in them!
    After Littleton, VA Tech and numerous incidents in Omaha, those that made Sandy Hook a GFZ have the blood of 20 children and several adults on their hands. Yet not one ranking Rep has the spine to turn the tables and challenge the Left’s deadly ideology for what it has wrought!

    • billhook

      Leeland Yee obviously didn’t care about criminals having guns, just the law-abiding gun owners who make politicians afraid of being as corrupt and authoritarian as they’d like to be.

  • anarchyst

    We need to publicize the names and addresses of “gun control” advocates so that the bad guys know where they can “ply their trade” with impunity. Let’s see how fast some of these “gun control” advocates “change their tunes”.

  • Jeff Sheaffer

    Since The Trayvon killing over 11,000 Black Americans have been murdered by Black Americans.Chicago has the the toughest guns laws yet the highest murder rate in the WORLD! Over 8 million people attend guns shows in America per year. Not one person has EVER been shot during a gun show!

    • Sez Eye

      Actually not true. In the last 10 years there have been several accidental shootings at gun shows, one was a vendor that was showing a customer his personal carry gun (loaded) and activated the bang switch. Another was a customer that was showing a vendor his (unloaded) gun and also activiated the bang switch. That being said, more people (fans, not players) are injured at NFL football games each week than have been injured by guns at gun shows in the last 10 years.

      • Jeff Sheaffer

        Sez Eye:

        You made a key statement…..”several accidental shootings”….how many is several? Also they were accidental.The fact remains that over 11,000 Blacks have MURDERED Blacks in America since the Trayvon “suicide”

      • Sez Eye

        Hey dude, If you read my entire post, I’m agreeing with your basic point. No need to be irritated. If you want to know exactly how many, do your own research. People do stupid things no matter where they are. A gun show is not exempt from these foolish actions, but are certainly safer than walking down the street in Chicago or any other large city.

    • Brian Kelsey

      Actually, at this moment, Indianapolis has a higher per capita murder rate for 2014 than Chicago. Chicago has a roughly 350% larger population than Indy but a total number of murders this year only about 70% more than Indy.

  • Henry Vandenburgh

    I love it when I see a flag, but no ribbon or any other evidence that the person is a vet. Guns are safest when we all have lifetime experience with them, starting as kids. The military is also a great training ground.

  • Brian Kelsey

    What is this fool talking about? This idea that we gun owners want the right but not the responsibility is patently absurd. This seems to be the new anti-gun talking point. They are losing the debate so they lie through their teeth.

    And do these fools really believe the nonsense they spew? I mean if we are so dangerous why do they want to attack us? Could it be because they know they are full of dung?

  • keep calm and return fire

    Guess I should send my speeding ticket to Ford. After all they made the 5.0 have all that horse power.

  • Gordon

    LOL, I love these liberals who say they want guns to be treated like cars! That would mean that anyone could buy any gun they wanted without a background check at 16, never need to get it registered or insured as long as they keep it on their personal property, buy as many as you want in one day as long as you have the money, no one would need a “license” or “permit” to buy a gun as long as you have the money. Once you fulfill the requirements of your state, you could carry your gun anywhere in the US openly. All the government “regulations” not related to safety would be repealed for guns. Somehow, I am not sure that is what they really mean.

  • NavyGunner

    OK, I’ll agree to that, as long as, just like cars, those used on private properly and not at the public ranges, do not have to be licensed, registered, or insured, nor do drivers on private property.

    And just like cars, the revenues generated WILL be used to create public ranges for the use of licensed and registered guns, within walking distance of every licensed individual’s home, just like roads, and accessible without restriction 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

    And no matter what the capacity or power, as long as it meets all of the safety parameters dictated for use on the road (and that’s safety, not power or capacity) it gets to be used at any and all of the new public ranges. .50 caliber, machine guns, bazookas, cannon . . .

    Exactly like cars. Do you know what you are suggesting?

  • Jack Jitsu

    This guy is proof that the 1st amendment should be regulated, speech registered, and licensed, so people like this cant open their mouths and remove all doubt of how low their IQ’s are. How you like that logic Mike?

  • shank_black

    It shows me that any politician that wants to run should be required to take and pass a test on the constitution each year. On second thought, Obama is running the government without the Congress (only a pen and a phone) and nothing is happening to him. The Congress has NO guts to act. So maybe the test wouldn’t work if you have a traitor in office. Impeachment for letting the people down is the answer.

  • Parker Orfield

    Dickheaderson is a true commie, pervert and clown!