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Adorable: Brothers recreate childhood photos for mom’s birthday

Children photoTwo brothers from Bucharest, Romania, Toma and Paul Alexandru, found a sweet and clever way to celebrate their mother’s 55th birthday. They took old childhood photos and recreated them, even working to duplicate gestures and clothing.

WNCN reported yesterday,

“Many of the original photos were taken in resorts where the family used to spend their summer holidays, so starting in early autumn, Toma, 29, and Paul, 26, traveled to those places on the weekends, finishing the project by Oct. 23, their mom’s birthday.”

Of course mom was touched by the effort, as reported by the brothers, one of whom reported,

“She was blown away and obviously cried, so we made sure the present would include a tissue box along with the photo album,” he said. ”I don’t think she’s able to pick a favorite photo from the batch. She loved them all as they all have their set of memories associated with them.”

A full slideshow can be found at the link.

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  • cozmo

    That was neat. Thanks for sharing.

    Though the one kid and the bed, TMI.

    • Howard Portnoy

      Let me see out in front of the curtain that I, too, appreciate this post, Renee. We spend far too much of our time reporting the latest in the exasperating drama played out in DC, on the streets of our cities, in our schools, etc. It’s nice to read about something upbeat for a change.

      • Renee Nal

        Thank you, Howard, I hesitated because it is not our typical post. But it made me smile, and reminded me of why we do what we do. ;-)

    • Renee Nal

      LOL! haha true – a bit of overshare, there ;-)