UK study finds most who died of Delta variant were fully vaccinated

UK study finds most who died of Delta variant were fully vaccinated
Delta variant: different from SARS-CoV2, perhaps, but symptoms like the common cold. CDC/LU Staff mage

[Ed. – Can’t recall if authorities have made a case to the public that this might be true.  There may have been some obscure update that could be said to have warned us along these lines.  But if there has been, it certainly hasn’t penetrated the counter-noise.  The studies cited (several are noted) would suggest that vaccination isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do versus the now-prevalent Delta variant.  Not conclusive, but a set of data points that shouldn’t be suppressed.  Emphasis in original.  H/t: Free West Media.]

The UK government just reported the following data, tucked away in their report on variants of concern:

Less than a third of delta variant deaths are in the unvaccinated.

Let me say that another way – two-thirds of Delta deaths in the UK are in the jabbed.

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To be specific:

From the 1st of February to the 2nd of August, the UK recorded 742 Delta deaths (yes, the dreaded Delta has not taken that much life).

Out of the 742 deaths, 402 were fully vaccinated. 79 had received one shot. Only 253 were unvaccinated.

The report is here.

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