How Joe Biden could end the debt ceiling — all by himself

How Joe Biden could end the debt ceiling — all by himself; Pixabay; LU Staff

[Ed. – It’s a brilliant plan, OK. It opens the floodgates for spending the nation into oblivion.]

The debt ceiling has become a kind of apocalyptic Groundhog Day in American life. …

The obvious solution, proposed by Georgetown Law professor and congressional procedure expert David Super, would be for Democrats to use the budget reconciliation process to eliminate the debt ceiling with a majority vote in the Senate. That path faces myriad procedural obstacles, though, and unless Congress moves decisively toward pursuing it, the Biden administration needs to start thinking about backup options.

Some of these options might seem unacceptably extreme. But an absurd crisis calls for absurd solutions. The Biden administration should, if Republicans in the Senate continue to promise a filibuster of a debt ceiling increase, unilaterally abolish the ceiling using executive powers.

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There are at least four available to Biden, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Minting super-high-value coins to fund the government
  • Invoking the 14th Amendment to nullify the debt ceiling

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