The mendacity of Joe Biden

The mendacity of Joe Biden

[Ed. – Uh-oh. What has Biden done to deserve the Times columnist calling him a liar? Nothing, according to the op-ed in which Blow fusses and fumes about the wholesale mistreatment of blacks before ultimately expressing his pique over the mistreatment of Haitians attempting to breach the U.S. border.]

Joe Biden, once again, disappointed many of the same Black voters who were his strongest supporters. How much of this can or should Black people stand?


The latest offense was the administration’s disastrous mishandling of the Haitian migrant crisis at the southern border.

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… [I]t has been incredibly painful to witness the treatment of the Haitians, and it has been impossible not to recoil in disgust or burn with outrage. And to think, “This is happening on Joe Biden’s watch.”

When it was reported that then-President Trump called Haiti a sh8thole country, Biden responded on Twitter, saying: “It’s not how a president should speak.”…

But deporting these Haitians is worse, not better. The Biden administration and Democrats in general always seem to say the right things on racial issues, but too often their deeds come up short when measured against their talk.

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