Accuser of white students in ASU ‘multicultural center’ is foundation fellow

Accuser of white students in ASU ‘multicultural center’ is foundation fellow
Image: Arizona State U., Tempe

[Ed. – At the very least, this suggests targeted activism as opposed to spontaneous sentiment on the part of the accuser, whom LU covered earlier.  Author “Chris’s” previous article on the Ford Foundation is worth perusing.  He quotes “whistleblower” fellows on the fellows’ reportedly common practice of rushing to use cancel-culture methods on each other, when someone steps out of line.]

My first reaction upon seeing the ASU video was to shrug it off — another immature, overzealous, brainwashed, 18 year-old freshman who is parroting woke buzzword gumbo. …

Alas, the twitter mob was not willing to leave it alone. They exposed her as Sarra Tekola, PhD student in Sustainability at ASU. … Judging by her LinkedIn profile she is pushing 30, and therefore ostensibly possesses a fully developed frontal cortex. I was all of a sudden punching sideways, not punching down. Her LinkedIn also reveals an interesting link …

Yes — Sarra is a “Fordie.” [A Ford Foundation fellow. – Ed.] When I discovered this I had no choice but to write a new Substack article. It is just too perfect. For context please see my article from 2 days ago where I spend 3500 words ranting about the cancerous impact of Fordies on society.

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