Massive hack exposes info about ‘far-right’ platforms, websites to public

Massive hack exposes info about ‘far-right’ platforms, websites to public
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[Ed. – Note that the effect here is to expose a lot of organizational and personal information to public eyes.  The U.S. government can find out the same information any time.  It didn’t need this “hack.”  WaPo is helpfully bringing the data trove to public attention, presumably for doxx and de-platforming processing.]

Epik long has been the favorite Internet company of the far-right, providing domain services to QAnon theorists, Proud Boys and other instigators of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol — allowing them to broadcast hateful messages from behind a veil of anonymity.

But that veil abruptly vanished last week when a huge breach by the hacker group Anonymous dumped into public view more than 150 gigabytes of previously private data — including user names, passwords and other identifying information of Epik’s customers.

Extremism researchers and political opponents have treated the leak as a Rosetta Stone to the far-right, helping them to decode who has been doing what with whom over several years. Initial revelations have spilled out steadily across Twitter since news of the hack broke last week, often under the hashtag #epikfail, but those studying the material say they will need months and perhaps years to dig through all of it.

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