New narrative: Rallies for Brazil’s Bolsonaro have media fearing ‘coup,’ ‘modeled on Jan. 6’

New narrative: Rallies for Brazil’s Bolsonaro have media fearing ‘coup,’ ‘modeled on Jan. 6’
Jair Bolsonaro at his inauguration as president of Brazil. YouTube, FT video

[Ed. – The framing here is so laughably identical to the “January 6” narrative, it would seem astounding at any other time in history that they’d even try it.  The media have been as busy defaming Bolsonaro as they have Hungary’s Viktor Orban, so it probably shouldn’t be a big surprise.  Note the jailing of a political party head in “a probe of online misinformation and anti-democratic threats.”  Plenty of U.S. Democrats would do just that if they could get away with it.  The media write about it as if it’s the mere application of neutral law.]

Bolsonaro is expected to address packed Independence Day rallies in Brasilia and Sao Paulo on Tuesday. The president has called for support for his attacks on the country’s Supreme Court that has raised fears around South America’s largest democracy.

Bolsonaro on August 14 called on the Senate to bring charges against two Supreme Court justices, warning Brazil could face a political “institutional rupture” if the charges were not brought.

One of the justices, Alexandre de Moraes, jailed the head of a party allied with the nationalist president in a probe of online misinformation and anti-democratic threats. He also opened a probe of Bolsonaro for posting confidential material on social media to try and prove an allegation of election fraud.

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An open letter published on Monday by an influential conglomerate of leading presidents, prime ministers and leading public figures on the left, warned that Tuesday’s rallies represent a danger to democracy and amount to an insurrection based on Donald Trump supporters’ deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6.

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