Critical race theory bans are making teaching much harder

Critical race theory bans are making teaching much harder

[Ed. – Yes, turning children against classmates on the basis of their skin color is a laudable goal.]

Educators across the country are figuring out how to navigate laws … that have turned anti-racist education — often lumped together under the catchall term “critical race theory,” an academic framework scholars use to analyze how racism is endemic to US institutions — into a boogeyman. While critical race theory opponents fear that the framework places blame for inequality on all white people, proponents argue that their goal is to use the lens to identify systemic oppression and eradicate it. Educators who want to teach with an eye toward anti-racism say that their lessons simply reflect an honest history of the country’s founding and development — including the contributions of and the discrimination against marginalized people — which has traditionally been glossed over in textbooks and curriculums.

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