Trump’s coup attempt should bar him from 2024 race

Trump’s coup attempt should bar him from 2024 race
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[Ed. – Oh, you mean the riots, which have not been demonstrated to be anything more, and the former president, who has not been proved to have had anything to do with them?]

One reason he might not run is if any of the several investigations into his business affairs leads to criminal indictment.

Another roadblock might emerge if Congress gets access to his tax returns and finds embarrassing debts that compromised his dealings with powerful people in other countries.

None of that is likely to stop him from launching Trump ’24.

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But Attorney General Merrick Garland might be able to stop him.

Garland has the power to rule out another Trump run by citing “section 3 of the 14th amendment, which bars anyone from holding office who ‘engaged in insurrection,’ against the U.S.,” Robert Reich, the former Labor secretary, recently wrote in The Guardian.

If Garland takes Reich’s advice, he is sure to set off alarms about the attorney general playing politics.

But Garland has the facts on his side.

The facts say Trump tried to stage a coup.

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