Ted Cruz introduces bill to ban mandates: for ‘passports,’ vaccines, and masks

Ted Cruz introduces bill to ban mandates: for ‘passports,’ vaccines, and masks
Cruz speaks on the Senate floor. YouTube, Ted Cruz video

[Ed. – His language is exactly right.  Vaccines: sí!  Mandates: no.  No, no, and no.  His collateral point is spot-on:  mandates aren’t scientific or about science.  They’re political.  The actual science justifies the no-mandates perspective.]

“My views are very simple. There should be no mandates, zero, concerning COVID,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) told Fox News’s Sean Hannity Monday night.


Now, that doesn’t mean, as the media likes to characterize, that I’m opposed to vaccines. I actually think vaccines are terrific. I’ve taken the vaccine. My family’s taken the vaccine. But I believe in individual choice, individual responsibility. You can make the choice for your family. These mandates are coming. And as you noted a few minutes ago, talking about Dr. Fauci, what they’re talking about is political. It’s not tied to the science.


Cruz said Fauci is catering to the teachers’ unions, who are making “a political demand” for which there is “no scientific basis.”

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“And I think this is just abusive,” Cruz continued. “It is dangerous where these government figures believe they have the right to impose rules on you — rules that they don’t intend to follow, as all the people partying up at Martha’s Vineyard demonstrated.”

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