Speculation abounds over large bandage seen on back of Kim Jong-Un’s head

Speculation abounds over large bandage seen on back of Kim Jong-Un’s head
Kim Jong-Un displays large bandage over what appears to be an incision at the back of his head. UK Sun video via PJM, Twitter

[Ed. – Wisely, no one seems to have assayed diagnosing this apparition from afar.  There was a flutter in 2020 when it seemed Kim might have “disappeared” after he failed to show up for the national holiday that commemorates his grandfather, Kim Il-Sung.  Some observers opined at the time that the younger Kim might have had a stroke, or brain surgery, or something equally drastic.  Kim Jong-Un is 37.  He’s lost weight, as mentioned (he was previously said to be over 300 pounds), and has been showing up for more events in recent months.]

Back in June, I had thought maybe things were as weird as they were going to get — I know, I know. That was when Reuters reported that North Koreans, most of whom have had to worry about where their next meal was coming from for their entire, malnourished lives, were worried sick over Kim’s sudden weight loss.

Reuters, because the news agency is apparently staffed with vile Commies, reported this with a straight face. …

But more “worrisome,” if you’ll allow me to stretch that word beyond recognition, is the bandage currently gracing the back of Kim’s urn-like head.

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