Inconvenient truth for those pushing vax mandates, ‘passports’

Inconvenient truth for those pushing vax mandates, ‘passports’
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[Ed. – It’s not “white Trump voters” who are the most unvaccinated demographics.  Not by a long chalk.  I’ve heard a lot of black commentators cite the Tuskegee Institute experiments as a reason for skepticism, which is understandable.  It remains very informative that Democrats can’t be respectful and patient about people’s vaccine hesitancy.  It’s unscientific, at a minimum.]

You know this was coming. At some point, some city, state, or locality was going to have a proof of vaccination ordinance. For city, state, or county workers, vaccine mandates are coming. Federal workers must be vaccinated or submit to mandatory testing. New mask mandates are back. It’s madness. And liberal America blames the vaccine hesitancy on Trump supporters. Is it really? Boston’s mayor ripped the Big Apple’s vaccine mandate as something akin to slavery. I don’t think she’s a hard-core Republican. And when you look at the vaccination data for the city, something is rather interesting. It’s nonwhites who seem to be lagging concerning getting vaccinated. It’s nonwhites who will be barred from certain indoor spaces now. That’s racist. That’s Jim Crow—people have told me this but only on matters of upholding election integrity and voter ID.

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