A day in the life of a low-information voter

A day in the life of a low-information voter
TV remote (Image: Renate Köppel / Pixabay via PJ Media

[Ed. – Does this sound like anyone you know?]

The low-information voter begins his or her day largely unaware that any snippets of news they consume are likely to be spun leftward. Many don’t know any better, but some, with guarded comprehension, don’t want to know any better. They’ve subsisted on a diet of mainstream and Big Tech news for so long that biased reportage has become their media comfort zone.


At their midmorning break they get another dose of fake news they don’t know any better than to believe in. They spent over a year absorbing Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell sound bites to the effect that President Trump had colluded with the Russians. In truth it was the candidate they likely voted for, Hillary Clinton, who had.

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At noon the LIV mind remains firmly closed. If they get any news at all, it comes in drips from Facebook’s censorious ministry of truth. …

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