COVID millennium? Expert: Virus to linger for ‘decades and probably centuries’

COVID millennium? Expert: Virus to linger for ‘decades and probably centuries’
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[Ed. – But we don’t mask, lock down, or keep getting vaccinated against new variants every whipstitch for decades or centuries.  No can do.  No virus has ever defeated us that way, and COVID-19 won’t either.]

Paul Hunter, professor of health protection and medicine at the University of East Anglia, told Sky News that being able to control the spread of the virus long-term was unlikely. …

“If you look at the other coronaviruses, of which there are four main ones in circulation in humans, these are viruses that infect us repeatedly throughout our lives – probably every two, three, four, five, six years – so at some point we will have to stop trying to control the spread of the virus. …

“If we’re going to maintain ourselves at this epidemic equilibrium – where we live in balance with this virus – at some point we’ve just got to say: okay, we’ve done as much as we can… we’ve done what we need to do to protect people’s health and this virus will continue to circulate for decades and probably centuries.”

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