Eric Swalwell takes a ride on the wild side

Eric Swalwell takes a ride on the wild side
The congressman issues a commendation. Eric Swalwell video, Twitter

[Ed. – He’s a walking Monty Python skit.]

[A]pparently Swalwell decided the way to deflect from prior embarrassments is to do more embarrassing things.

Such as riding shirtless on a camel in Qatar during the middle of the pandemic.

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According to Business Insider, the pictures were taken earlier this year and show Swalwell and Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) as well as their wives riding camels along the Persian Gulf while on a trip paid for by the US-Qatar Business Council. It cost $84,621.59, according to the NY Post.

Now, this is embarrassing all on its own because yuck, shirtless on a camel? Is he daft? But beyond that, it’s another Democrat doing his “rules for thee but not for me” bit. …

So now we can ask how much he’s compromised when he gets paid-for jaunts like this?

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