The Twitter thread everyone’s talking about that nails Trump supporters’ sentiments

The Twitter thread everyone’s talking about that nails Trump supporters’ sentiments
The Trump rally in Topeka, Oct 2018. GOP video, YouTube

[Ed. – The truest statement is that the thread nails Trump supporters’ sentiments.  It makes people feel vindicated, and for good reason.  I wasn’t quite as ‘whelmed by it as others seem to be, mainly because it’s briefly dismissive about the evidence for misconduct and fraud in the 2020 election.  It points out why people have every reason to assume they’re being lied to, but it makes the same old error about why the courts haven’t done anything with the evidence in the state cases.  It’s because the courts in almost all cases have not even looked at the evidence, having dismissed the cases on grounds unrelated to evidence quality.  And that’s not necessarily because judges are intimidated.  In many instances, it’s because it’s civil suits being brought, not criminal actions, and the injury basis for the civil suits is sketchy, independent of the validity of evidence. It’s groupthink, not reality, to claim that courts dismissing cases means anything about the evidence in most of them.  Can’t let that slide for the sake of feeling good that we all agree. – J.E.]

It’s a lengthy thread that summarizes everything. How the FBI lied about the Steele Dossier, how they knew it was Democratic opposition research, how Comey knew the document’s origins—and how everyone lied about it until they couldn’t do so anymore. Then, there’s the media’s pervasive gaslighting on the issue, coupled with their mob-like behavior concerning anything they find disagreeable, like painting Brett Kavanaugh as a gang rapist with zero evidence. To make matters worse, the media doesn’t care that they lie. When cornered, they don’t admit defeat—they double-down. And now with Big Tech censoring news, more gas has been poured on this fire. …

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