Japanese official warns U.S. of potential surprise attack by China and Russia – on Hawaii

Japanese official warns U.S. of potential surprise attack by China and Russia – on Hawaii
Russian Pacific Fleet task force heads out to exercise in the Central Pacific. Cruiser Varyag is in the foreground. accompanied by Udaloy-class warships Marshal Shaposhnikov and Admiral Panteleyev, and missile instrumentation ship Marshal Krylov (with the large radome). RT video, YouTube

[Ed. – Clearly, the forces Russia has been visibly exercising in the Pacific would not be able to execute such an attack with any real effectiveness.  But what the public sees isn’t necessarily all that’s going on.  If Russia and/or China were to attack initially with weapons from a strategic standoff — not nukes, necessarily, but perhaps EMP-effect weapons, with prior IT infiltration and human-disabling methods — and then seek to contain or counter a U.S. reaction, we might see deployments from both nations that fit the scenario the Russian Pacific Fleet has been exercising.]

Russia and China are coordinating military exercises to threaten not only Taiwan but also Hawaii, according to a senior Japanese defense official who warned the United States to beware of a Pearl Harbor-style surprise attack.

“We have to show the deterrence towards China, and not just China but also the Russians, because, as I told you, that they are doing their exercises together,” Japanese deputy Yasuhide Nakayama told the Hudson Institute this week.


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Nakayama emphasized throughout the talk that tensions in the Indo-Pacific have a direct bearing on American security, especially in light of coordination between China and Russia. He drove home the point by raising the specter of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which provoked the U.S. military intervention in the Second World War.

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