Defund someone else’s police

Defund someone else’s police
Eric Adams (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Vox populi]

While juvenile activists proclaim “All cops are bastards” and their ideological champions in Congress demand we “defund the police” and their blinkered friends in the press corps tell a story of a public that wants to be unpoliced, the voters of New York City just gave us a dose of reality.

We don’t know for sure that former police officer Eric Adams will eventually be declared the winner of the mayoral election, given New York’s slow vote-counting and its novel ranked-choice voting method. We also don’t know how Adams would govern the NYPD and whether he’d be effective in stopping the wave of violent crime.

We do have a very good guess, though, as to what the voters were saying when they gave him a commanding lead in Tuesday’s primary election: Violent crime is on the rise, and we need the police to protect us.

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