Poll: 61% reject teaching that Americans are ‘structurally racist,’ ‘white supremacist’

Poll: 61% reject teaching that Americans are ‘structurally racist,’ ‘white supremacist’
It seems like such a nice place. (Image: Screen grab of YouTube video)

[Ed. – And it appears 81% of respondents to the Harvard/Harris poll agreed students should be taught about the First Amendment.  An astonishing 19%, however, apparently said students should not be taught about the First Amendment.]

[T]he opposition to CRT is the opposite of how David Brock’s Media Matters propagandists and corporate media portray it.

It’s a bubbling up of disgust over the racialization of children’s educations, of the workplace, of government. Contrary to the claims that the U.S. is systemically racist, the U.S. is systemically not racist — racial hatred is relegated to the fringes of society, so academics, teachers unions, and leftists need to invent it by setting children against each other based on skin color, by teaching children that the most important aspect of society is skin color.

They enlist has-beens whose livelihoods and careers depend on the good graces of liberal media, like S.E. Cupp, to announce that opposition to CRT is McCarthyism and hallucination.

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The opposition is growing, and the media demonization is failing.

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