In heat wave, California concerned about when drivers are charging their EVs

In heat wave, California concerned about when drivers are charging their EVs
Electric car (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed, – People litigating this on social media would point out that California power officials asked utility customers to do laundry as well as charge electric vehicles outside peak hours.   But there are still millions more Californians doing laundry at a given time than there are people charging EVs.  It takes that big a disparity to make EV-charging only about as onerous to the grid as households doing laundry.  No grid anywhere is capable of supporting pervasive EV use, even when there’s no heat wave (or cold snap).]

As temperatures hit triple digits during California’s heat wave last week, the state’s power grid operators encouraged residents to relieve pressure on the grid by charging their electric vehicles before the peak energy use times of day. …

Patty Monahan, the lead commissioner on transportation at the California Energy Commission, told Newsweek last month that the times of day Californians choose to charge their electric vehicles will be important in keeping the power grid balanced as reliance on electric vehicles grows. …

Matthew Moniot, a researcher with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, said … electric vehicle owners now mostly charge their vehicles at night, but that will likely have to change so that more drivers are charging while energy production levels are higher.

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“If you look at aggregate load across the grid, it tends to spike in the evening hours whenever people come home,” Moniot said. Though energy use tends to dip overnight while people are sleeping, that is also the time when less energy is produced by solar and wind …

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