Iran: President-elect Raisi is under U.S. sanctions; oversaw mass executions

Iran: President-elect Raisi is under U.S. sanctions; oversaw mass executions
Ebrahim Raisi, newly elected president of Iran. France 24 video, YouTube

[Ed. -Ebrahim Raisi, Iran’s chief judge, was chosen to be the next president this week in a heavily, uh, “fortified” — and widely boycotted — national vote.  He has a history as a mass executioner and dealer in political brutality and torture, according to U.S. authorities.]

Iran’s presidential frontrunner personally approved the secret mass murder of hundreds of regime critics in 1988—and can be heard defending and laughing about the gruesome massacre in a decades-old audio recording translated by the Washington Free Beacon.

Ebrahim Raisi, a cleric who serves as chief justice of Iran, is reported to be Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s favored candidate to win Friday’s presidential election, which most international observers see as a sham given the regime’s decision to disqualify any candidate viewed as a moderate. Raisi, who served as deputy prosecutor of Tehran in 1988, sat on a four-man panel that oversaw the killings of nearly 1,000 political prisoners. In an August 1988 audio recording, members of the commission can be heard defending the executions, arguing in support of killing 200 additional prisoners, and even laughing about their efforts to expedite the murders.


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In total, 3,800 dissidents were killed under the death panels throughout Iran, according to Montazeri’s memoir. Many of the victims were buried in mass graves and their bodies have not been recovered.

Details of the death commissions are still a closely guarded secret inside the Iranian government. Raisi … alluded to his support for the mass executions, describing the time as “one of the proud achievements of the system.”

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