Story of Trump clearing Lafayette Park for photo op … bites dust

Story of Trump clearing Lafayette Park for photo op … bites dust
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[Ed. – Although the story was refuted by administration officials at the time (back in June 2020), I never cared if Trump did have the park cleared so he could make comments to the nation from the front of a historic church attacked and burned by vandals.  I’d expect any president to do that.  If a president’s message was wrong in my view, I’d oppose his message – not his choice to have the park cleared so he could go out and deliver it.  The Secret Service would demand to have the park cleared in any case.]

Last June, U.S. Park Police dispersed protesters in Lafayette Square, a park just north of the White House. Shortly thereafter, President Donald Trump walked from the White House through the park to St. John’s Church, which had been set on fire by protesters the night before.

Trump’s message was that he would not tolerate lawlessness in America’s capital city, or any other place in the country.

Reporters seized on the sequence of events and immediately declared that the park had been cleared on June 1, 2020, expressly to make Trump’s trek to the church possible. …

The problem is that the narrative was wrong, and now we know it.

The inspector general at the Interior Department on Wednesday released the findings of an extensive investigation, which determined that federal officers had “cleared the park to allow a contractor to safely install antiscale fencing in response to destruction of federal property.”

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