To combat racism, Princeton drops Latin, Greek requirements for Classics majors

To combat racism, Princeton drops Latin, Greek requirements for Classics majors
Pericles, principal leader of Athens during Thucydides' 'Peloponnesian War.' Roman copy of original Greek bust, British Museum.

[Ed. – So Princeton no longer has a Classics program, regardless of what name they give it.  The point of Classics is to trace the Western intellectual heritage. Author Yoram Hazony argued on social media for adding Hebrew to the requirement, which makes sense given the inextricable interweaving of both Judaism and Christianity in the West’s canon of thought.  But the bottom line is that dropping the languages makes a “Classics” program like studying quantum physics by reading Science magazine.  There’s no point in even addressing the “racism” angle; it’s asinine.]

Princeton University will no longer require students to take Latin or ancient Greek to earn a classics degree, a change that comes as part of a larger effort by the school “to address systemic racism” on campus.

Princeton faculty in April approved the elimination of the Classic’s Department’s “classics track,” which required students to have an intermediate proficiency in one of the two languages before entering the track, and approved removing the requirement that students take either language as part of the major, according to a May issue of Princeton’s alumni magazine.

Classics professor Josh Billings, the director for undergraduate studies, said faculty believe the change will improve the Classics Department because it will add “new perspectives” to it.

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