The Left wanted body cams on cops, until they saw the truth

The Left wanted body cams on cops, until they saw the truth
The knife that 16-year-old Makiyah Bryant was poised to slash another woman with was no pocket knife. (Image: Freeze frame from officer's body cam via LU Staff)

[Ed. – Scapegoating police has become a favorite pastime among the Left.]

Lefties have been demanding police wear body cameras for years, believing the public would finally see all the wanton acts of violence perpetrated by cops against peaceful, law-abiding members of society.


But the truth can be painful, especially when reality doesn’t jibe with the left-wing narrative. USA Today moaned that “Bodycams haven’t lived up to promises of exposing police misconduct,” largely because cops decide what will and will not be shown to the public. They whined that police videos of heroic cops get released ASAP but videos involving police shootings can take years before anyone sees them. Odd considering we all saw the body cam videos involving the shootings of Daunte Wright and Adam Toledo, both within days of the incidents.

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The truth is simple, most cops aren’t beating minorities for fun.

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