Texas: Lawmakers ban homeless ‘camping’ throughout state

Texas: Lawmakers ban homeless ‘camping’ throughout state
Homeless camping under new ordinance in Austin, TX. Twitter, @EsmeAlaki

[Ed. – They mean Austin, as in, the capital city doesn’t get to keep its lax policies in this regard.  But, of course, they mean the other major urban areas too.  Austin has lost its distinction as “weird” at this point; it’s rapidly becoming just a banal, copycat specimen of woke crap-tacity.]

Across the blue cities of America, city officials have turned their public spaces into vast and expanding homeless camps. …

In such places, we have seen whole stretches of places like Venice Beach become a freakish third world tent shantytown, with the camping homeless blocking roads, scaring children, giving cash to drug dealers, getting intoxicated, throwing trash, boosting cars, theatening those who don’t want to give them spare change, and doing their bodily functions in public places, if not on private property. The same is true in Los Angeles, New York, and the rest. When the homeless take over, the public has no choice but to stay away.

In Texas, though, the legislators passed a new state law banning this kind of “camping,” coming up with the obvious:

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Senate on Thursday passed House Bill 1925, a statewide homeless camping ban, with 28 in favor and three voting against.

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