Don’t compromise on infrastructure

Don’t compromise on infrastructure

[Ed. – It is not bipartisanship when a party makes a counterproposal that’s not quite as absurd as the other part’s proposal.]

Minority Leader McConnell has signaled that he may be interested in passing a smaller infrastructure bill than the one President Biden covets, and that his ceiling for such an endeavor would be around $800 billion. This is a mistake. Republicans should oppose Biden’s proposal in its entirety.

…[I]t is not incumbent upon fiscal conservatives to accept the premises of fiscal profligates — as if, once a president has proposed spending a trillion dollars, the only question is whether the measure will actually be a trillion or a little less.

There is no need for more federal infrastructure spending. Republicans should say that. …

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It is worth our remembering that an $800 billion “counter-offer” seems like a “moderate” option only because the Biden administration’s preferred additional spending total — which is $2.3 trillion on “infrastructure” and $4 trillion in total — is so ludicrously large.

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