Michelle Obama worried her famous daughters may be shot by police

Michelle Obama worried her famous daughters may be shot by police
Image: Tonight Show/NBC video

[Ed. – Uh … OK.  The original story points out Sasha’s Secret Service protection when she went to college in 2019, but it’s not clear whether the Obama daughters still have it.  It normally ceases for the minor children of former presidents when they reach 18.]

This seems like a completely plausible scenario.


People in the black community who live in urban areas are legitimately worried about being caught in gang shootouts by criminals, especially after Obama’s leftist allies began pushing police defunding. That’s why black voters came out against police defunding.

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How worried is Michelle Obama when walking her dog on… Martha’s Vineyard. …


Her kids are incredibly famous and have no criminal record. They’re not George Floyd, Michael Brown, or any of the other thugs who were shot down.

How many wealthy people, of any race, get shot by police?  …

Are we supposed to pretend to believe that Michelle worries about her daughters getting shot in the Kalorama area or Martha’s Vineyard?

These cops will have to get past their Secret Service protection.

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