Biden EPA move will make air conditioning too expensive for many Americans

Biden EPA move will make air conditioning too expensive for many Americans

[Ed. – The cost of refrigerant will increase as much as tenfold, depending on source and market.  Even comparing new products under patent to the next-generation refrigerant, which the EPA wants to mandate within 15 years, the price multiplies several times.  These are the kinds of things Trump gave the American people relief on (including this one specifically).  Hard to not see this as targeting Florida and Texas, among other things.  Very hard now to assume away the possibility that the “environmental” mandate has no foundation in empirical reality.]

The crackdown on air conditioners and refrigerators has been underway for a while now. But Biden, Democrats and some Republicans are really ramping it up.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is taking a major step Monday to battle climate change with the formal proposal of a rule phasing down the use of planet-warming gases called hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), which are used as refrigerants, the agency announced Monday. …


It’s good for selling Americans much more expensive and less efficient appliances.

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Cato Institute’s Dr. Pat Michaels illustrated the costs a typical American family would incur by comparing a cheap HFC unit to an expensive HFO (Solstice) one.”HFC-134a, out of patent and made in China, goes for a bit under $7 per pound” Michaels writes. “Solstice costs $71. A 3500-square-foot house’s heat pump will require approximately 15 pounds, or $105 worth of HFC-134a, but a whopping $1,056 worth of Solstice, and that’s without installer markup. …”

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