No, Mr. President, the ‘soul of America’ isn’t racist

No, Mr. President, the ‘soul of America’ isn’t racist

[Ed. – Maybe Biden should be scrutinizing the ‘soul of Biden.’]

President Joe Biden is already starting to push people too far with his constant refrains about how racist this country is.

He is overstating a very weak case, and he risks becoming like former President Jimmy Carter when Carter’s so-called “malaise speech” had the annoying effect, in the insightful words of Vice President Walter Mondale, of “urging the people to be as good as the government.” The public and American culture are better than Biden says we are. He may soon see a backlash against him not just for hectoring us but for enlisting big government’s might to promote and enforce his racialist agenda.

Biden did it again Tuesday evening in his remarks responding to the three-count conviction of former Minnesota police officer Derek Chauvin. He indicted the entire American judicial system, without proof, by saying that accurate and just verdicts are “much too rare.”…

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