How will the Pentagon define ‘extremism’?

How will the Pentagon define ‘extremism’?
Lloyd Austin (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Thin ice]

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is determined to root out “extremism” from the ranks of the military. He has just concluded a 60-day series of “listening sessions” dealing with the question of how he should go about the task of cleansing the armed forces of bad thoughts and is now ready to begin implementing programs and policies to that end.

But Austin has a huge problem. He has to be able to define “extremism” in such a way as to safeguard our constitutional liberties while rooting out the skinheads, the Klan members, the gangbangers, and violent revolutionaries that make up a small but significant fraction of the armed forces.

What is “extremism”? What is “extremist ideology”? Who can be considered “an extremist”?

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Is there any definition of “extremism” that isn’t subjective? What criteria will be used to determine who is “extreme”? Anti-abortion? Anti-gay marriage? Devout Christianity?

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