Are you a Pfizer or Moderna? Inside the vaccine coolness war

Are you a Pfizer or Moderna? Inside the vaccine coolness war

[Ed. – Not since the shibboleth of being an innie over an outie (or was it the other way around?) was established years ago have Americans with too much time on their hands been more obsessed with utter nonsense.]

Are you Team Pfizer or Team Moderna? According to the internet, this is the biggest self-identity game since Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, and it all depends on which vaccine you got.

The very not-scientific masses seem to believe that Pfizer “girls” are superior. Moderna “girls,” not so much. And if you’re a Johnson and Johnson person … we’re sorry to inform you, but you’re not even in the race. …

People have an obsession with belonging and status and coolness, so it was only a matter of time before these impulses took hold among the vaccinated masses. Pandemic be damned, we’re always going to find a way to be part of a group that’s better than another.

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People on Twitter have made this very clear. They are sharing memes that compare Pfizer vaccine recipients to Moderna ones, and it can get heated in the comment threads.

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