Dems – ! – call out ’60 Minutes’ for deceptive editing, bad journalism on DeSantis

Dems – ! – call out ’60 Minutes’ for deceptive editing, bad journalism on DeSantis
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[Ed. – It really was bad journalism.  One county official says he tried to tell them he asked DeSantis to expand cooperation vaccine distribution with the Publix supermarket chain.  60 Minutes wouldn’t give him the time of day.  That said, there’s been a whole lot of that lately.  This is hardly the first instance.  We’ll see if Democrats remain interested in it.]

Do you know how unfair a story has to be to a Republican, especially a Trumpist Republican with national ambitions, for multiple Democrats to step up in his defense?

That’s where we are with the “60 Minutes” hit piece on DeSantis, which Ed covered this morning. The nutshell version: Publix, a ubiquitous supermarket chain in Florida, donated $100,000 to DeSantis and ended up partnering with the state to distribute the COVID vaccine. Smells like a quid pro quo to us, “60 Minutes” asserted. …

Dave Kerner, the Democratic mayor of Palm Beach County … says, he asked DeSantis to expand the partnership with Publix. And he was willing to tell “60 Minutes” that.

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They weren’t interested in hearing from him, he claims. Why not? …

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