Data don’t show that cops murder out of racism

Data don’t show that cops murder out of racism
George Floyd (L), Derek Chauvin (R). Via ABC 5 Minneapolis

[Ed. – Shorter John McWhorter: Systemic racism in American is a myth.]

I am neither a criminologist nor pathologist nor coroner nor police officer. However, from what it would seem to me, Derek Chauvin should spend a good deal of the rest of his life in prison for the murder of George Floyd. …

Furthermore I hope Chauvin serves as a harbinger of change. …

However, the good-thinking consensus here is that I am leaving something out.

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I am supposed to be deeply aggrieved that George Floyd died because he was black. Chauvin, I am supposed to think, murdered Floyd at least partly out a disregard for black lives – or, to use the term of art these days, bodies. This is supposed to be about race.

The cops kill hundreds and hundreds of people every year. Of them, white people are the majority by a good margin.

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