Corporations line up to condemn Texas voting legislation

Corporations line up to condemn Texas voting legislation
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[Ed. – Are these corporations acting based on Biden’s distortions about what these voting laws do? Haven’t they learned better?]

Several leading corporations Thursday condemned legislation advanced by the Texas state senate that would limit certain voting methods.

Companies like Amazon, Southwest Airlines, and AT&T panned the GOP measure, which would limit extended early voting hours, prohibit sending absentee voting applications to those who did not request them, and ban drive-thru voting – a method utilized during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It has been 56 years since the Voting Rights Act became law, yet efforts to disenfranchise Black people and other minorities continue to this day,” Amazon said in a statement Thursday. “The ability to vote is one of the most prized fundamental rights in our American democracy, and Amazon supports policies that protect and expand those rights.”

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American Airlines similarly condemned the move by GOP state legislatures, saying it impedes on their staff’s right to vote.

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