Biden admin discloses moving missile defense systems out of Saudi Arabia

Biden admin discloses moving missile defense systems out of Saudi Arabia
Live fire exercise, Patriot missile battery from 108th ADA Bde. Red Legs rule. CENTCOM video (A1C Eric Mann), YouTube

[Ed. – It looks like the carrier gap has been closed for the time being, as USS Dwight D Eisenhower (CVN-69) has now entered CENTCOM, following the unblocking of the Suez Canal. What Ike will do in CENTCOM is another question. The interesting thing about removing the Patriot batteries is that it was done nearly a year ago, when Trump was still president.  The decision to leave THAAD in place was also made under Trump.  It looks like the WSJ report this is based on is an exercise in messaging rather than an indication of significant new movements.]

Saudi Arabia must be feeling pretty naked right now against the Houthis and Iran.

The Wall Street Journal reports that President Biden has directed the Pentagon to begin removing some of the US’s military resources out of of the Middle East, and specifically out of Saudi Arabia. The WSJ says that the US already removed three Patriot antimissile batteries out of the region, including one at the Prince Sultan Air Base in Saudi Arabia, but the move was unreported until now. It is also reducing forces in the region.

Also diverted away from the region is the permanent aircraft carrier presence and surveillance systems. There will be a “carrier gap” in the region for at least a short period.

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The Biden-Harris administration also considered removing the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) defense system, but is keeping it there for now.

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