Dems can’t erase the history or hypocrisy of the filibuster

Dems can’t erase the history or hypocrisy of the filibuster
All-night filibuster (Image: Library of Congress)

[Ed. – Overreacting and deluding themselves is what the Democrats do best these days.]

President Biden has come out this week against the Senate filibuster as a “relic” of the Jim Crow era. In these times, it is a virtual mantra on Capitol Hill that the filibuster is synonymous with racism. … The only thing more dramatic than such historical revisionism is the political revisionism underlying this new national campaign.

The filibuster is more a “relic” of the Julius Caesar era than the Jim Crow era. In ancient Rome, the filibuster was used to force the Senate to hear dissenting voices, including an opposition of Cato the Younger to Julius Caesar returning to Rome. …

But Biden is correct that some of the most abusive uses of the filibuster was by segregationists in the 1950s, as embodied in Strom Thurmond, a South Carolina Democrat, who set the record with filibustering the Civil Rights Act for over 24 hours.

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