There is no such thing as reverse cancel culture

There is no such thing as reverse cancel culture

[Ed. – Any more than there’s such a thing as reverse racism. If you harbor ill feelings toward a group based on its skin color or ethnicity, you are a racist.]

Of all the bad-faith, smooth-brain takes out there, surely the worst-faith, smoothest-brain one currently trending is: “but I thought cancel culture was bad?” This is what you are likely to hear if, as a conservative, you fight leftist boycotts by responding with boycotts of your own.

As I have argued before on this website, cancel culture is called a “culture” because it does not function primarily by force of law. It is a system of assumptions and practices, a set of ways that people treat one another and do business. The network of social trends and public examples that makes people think twice before voicing their honestly-held conservative beliefs in a board room or a college lecture hall: that’s cancel culture.

Cancel culture is a beloved football coach having to recite a ritual confession because he was caught wearing a conservative t-shirt. …

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