Bolides, anyone? Mystery booms are back! – this time in San Diego

Bolides, anyone? Mystery booms are back! – this time in San Diego
San Diego, viewed from the carrier piers at Naval Air Station North Island (Coronado). The Rose Canyon fault runs right through downtown and the water on the right in front of the Coronado Bridge. Pixabay

[Ed. – We love us some mystery booms.  Nix on the most popular suggested culprits (everyone always says “jets, sonic booms,” and that’s never what it is.  Believe me, folks, the media know to ask there first).  There’s no indication it was a bolide, but the article mentions the possibility.  Enjoy.]

It rattled windows and shook doors across a large swath of San Diego and Tijuana late Wednesday afternoon, jangling the nerves of residents who’d experienced a similar noisemaker last month, and one a year earlier.

What was that?

The region joined a list of communities from coast-to-coast that are defined in part by unexplained goings-on. “Mysterious Shaking Rattles San Diego County AGAIN,” the website Strange Sounds trumpeted in a headline this week.

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After Wednesday’s boom here, the first thought of many people — this being California — was “earthquake.” But the United States Geological Survey said no. Their seismic-activity sensors recorded nothing.

This being San Diego, longtime home to military jets, a lot of folks thought “sonic boom,” too. “That wasn’t one of ours,” said Cmdr. Zachary Harrell, a Navy spokesman, who noted that planes breaking the sound barrier are required to do it far off the coast.

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