Wrasketball, regball, ‘church ball’: Russians enthusiastic for odd hoops sport

Wrasketball, regball, ‘church ball’: Russians enthusiastic for odd hoops sport
No, it's not a weird dance ritual. It's Russians playing regball. Video via Twitter

[Ed. – I’m calling it wrasketball.  The game’s growing ranks of proponents call it “rugball,” or regball, as it translates into English from the name of the Russian sport association.  Mormons in Utah recognize it as what they call “church ball.”  You just know there’s a movie featuring two slightly overage comedians coming.]

One of the country’s [Russia’s] lesser-known contributions to the world is the sport of rugball.

Never heard of rugball? Join the club. It’s an obscure sport that received worldwide attention when a video featuring game action went viral earlier this month. …

Utah men have been violently wrestling on basketball courts for generations as part of the grand tradition of church ball. The only real difference is that rugball players wear singlets instead of jerseys that have already been drenched in a stranger’s sweat.

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According to the Russian Regball Federation’s website, the sport was invented 30 years ago by Russian wrestlers. It was officially recognized as a sport in 2003 and has since spread to countries such as Holland, France, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ukraine and Estonia.

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